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Thread: AppliMonsters Episode 22: Lend Me Your Power - Rei and Hackmon

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    If he had a timer we didn't see it.

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    This episode is cool, but still suffer from the lack of enemy which next episode seems to fix with Shotmon, possibly the ultimate form of the Cameramon line, Viramon, and Warudamon. I like Dezipmon's Abbreviation and it helps that his voice actor also voiced two other favorite characters of mine from another series. It is cool that Rei's choice is meant to be the opposite of the other three. Revivemon is huge compared to others, although the size is only Adult Level-ish compared to Digimon. At this point, I would not be surprised if there is a data of AppFusion Chart in the Internet somewhere in-story.

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    This was a pretty good episode, I think it did a good job in explaining how Hackmon and Rei met and I liked what they portrayed about their relationship to each other. Also, it does show even more how dedicated Rei is to finding his brother, which is pretty serious considering he's left no time to himself as a person even forgoing actual food. It's a pretty unsettling thing to think about since while it's admirable that he's working so hard for him, it's definitely not healthy and I wonder if the show will address that as it goes on.

    As for Revivemon, as long as it gets a good showing in the next few episodes I don't mind its debut here too much. I am a bit disappointed that it didn't get a good battle to showcase its strength like Globemon or other previous series' debuts, but I think focusing on Rei surpassing Dezipmon on his own abilities with Hackmon was a good idea since it does still show how their partnership has grown. Plus, it removes the necessity of having to rush things and make Revivemon look good and instead keep the focus on the two partners as characters, which I think was a good tradeoff.

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    Revivemon's debut reminded me of Paildramon's and Shakkoumon's from Zero Two in that they deferred showcasing what it can do until the next episode. Of course, the difference with Revivemon's intro is that, unlike the other two I mentioned, there's no clear opponent for it to fight, but the preview suggests that Warudamon will be debuting, so hopefully Rei and his partner play a role in that battle.
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    I just think they shouldn't have explained Revivemon's ability yet. I think in upcoming episodes Warudamon/Mienumon will try to destroy Weatherdramon's chip as last resort to keep them from completing the 7 Codes and Revivemon will restore it when everything seems lost.

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    I just think he shouldn't have evolved with no enemy in sight because presumably he should only have 60 seconds to even -be- Revivemon...

    I did enjoy the rest of the episode a lot. Rei is a bit of an edgelord, but I love him anyway. I hadn't realized that Leviathan wasn't aware of Rei's identity until Rei allowed himself to be hacked. I guess that might explain part of why he was so standoffish to the other Applidrivers at first? Maybe he was trying to keep them from being exposed too? (Too late since Eri and Astra were showing off their Applidrives on TV/Apptube, and Haru was found out by Cameramon pretty much immediately, but hey, Rei was trying! ...maybe)
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    People joke around about what what fucked up shit Rei has seen, poking fun at r34 digimon fanarts and stuff. But when you think about it... what's the most fucked up place where a kidnapped young kid would probably be found? Yeah, Rei goes through countless human trafficking, black market organ trade and child pornography archives. Fuck.

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    What's what I was refering...

    And dead links, don't forget dead links

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    I'm caught up again. Let's not talk about what Rei may have seen. That way leads to madness. But I hope Revivemon gets to fight next ep. That's going to be a great fight. And it was great backstory. ...Are those all he eats? What are they?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Digimon'sDigitalWill View Post
    I like Dezipmon's Abbreviation
    After I and my brother watched how Rei and Hackmon hacked Dezipmon's abbreviations, I joked to him that maybe the other Hackmon has hacked the abbreviation of L-Virus from "Leviathan" to "Libra". =))
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