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Thread: tri. Part 4 Blu-ray/DVD Cover and Info & Theater Version Info

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    tri. Part 4 Blu-ray/DVD Cover and Info & Theater Version Info

    We finally have most of the release details for Digimon Adventure tri. part 4 on home video!

    Image Thumbnail

    The new artwork for the BD/DVD cover of tri. part 4 is by tri. character designer Atsuya Uki and features Sora, Piyomon, Taichi, Agumon, Yamato, and Gabumon in a very nice piece of art that is continuing the general theme he started with the cover art for part 1.

    All versions of tri. part 4 will include a booklet of liner notes that is listed as being 8 pages.

    On disk extras are listed as the clean ED for part 4, trailers for part 4, the part 3 digest, the combined part 1/2 digest, and various commercials for part 3.

    The first printing will include the slip-cover/digipak combo like prior releases of tri. It will also include an additional booklet that is listed as being 16 pages.

    Printings after the first will not have the extra booklet, and will be in normal DVD and Blu-ray cases without a slipcover

    We also have some nice layout shots of the first printings of the BD and DVD.

    Image Thumbnail Image Thumbnail

    Blu-ray is on the left, DVD on the right.

    Digimon Adventure tri. part 4 is currently scheduled to come out on home video on April 4th.

    As with prior tri. releases, the DVD is 7,000 yen and Blu-ray is 8,000 yen.

    Pre-Order Links for tri. part 4 (Normal editions are CDJapan affiliate links, Amazon Editions are not.)

    tri. Part 4 DVD
    tri. Part 4 DVD Amazon Exclusive version
    tri. Part 4 BD
    tri. Part 4 BD Amazon Exclusive version

    The Amazon Exclusive version will once again be the first printing plus a B2 sized cloth poster (about 20 x 27 inches.) Images of these will hopefully show up soon.

    In addition, after the slight hiccup with part 2, which part 3 fixed, theater version Blu-rays are now back on schedule.

    Image Thumbnail

    As expected, it features the theater poster art for tri. part 4 in monochrome with the focus color for part 4, red.

    Image Thumbnail

    The overall package for the theater version is planned to match prior releases (layout shot above is of part 1 as an example, there is no layout shot of part 4.) It will come in a normal Blu-ray case with the poster art as a normal Blu-ray insert. The monochrome art will be on a paper slipcover.

    The theater version will come with the normal booklet, but not the first printing booklet. The disk itself will have identical contents to the mass market version, but with unique silkscreening based on the poster art.

    This version of tri. part 4 will cost 7,407 yen. It will be available in theaters when tri. part 4 enters it's limited theatrical run on February 25th and based on tradition, is likely to sell out quickly.

    Prior threads with home video info for tri. part 4 can be found in a few places.

    As with prior releases we are taking donations to make sure we can get a copy of the release and do scans and a proper breakdown as we've done for tri. before.

    Update- Added better quality images of the layout shots, and added further information on the extras thanks to info from garm.
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    I'm going digital Spongebond's Avatar
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    That cover art is beautiful.

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    Super Moderator Theigno's Avatar
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    Very nice looking and very interesting that they still stick with the human world even when the story starts to shift focus to the Digital World. I wonder where exactly they are, I don't remember if we managed to pinpoint the locations for the previous covers but considering that most of Tri uses real world landmarks I bet those are real places as well.

    Also Sora standing in the shadow and looking backwards makes her look a bit sinister. Maybe Sora is the evil mastermind behind the plot of tri? Are Piyomon's suspicions justified?

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    Junior Commander Tetra Seleno's Avatar
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    Cover art for the Loss DVD is beautiful. Love seeing Agumon piggy back Taichi like that.
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    Ain't got no mojo...
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    Beautiful DVD cover! My favourite so far. I like how Taichi was all smile when Agumon hugged him, very different from the cover for Tri 1 when Taichi looks disinterested.
    Biyomon standing on Sora's shoulder, nice! Birds always do that, Sora looks beautiful too
    Wonder how heavy is Gabumon lol, looks like he's about to fall off from Yamato.

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    Theigno, this is is just a guess, but it reminds me of the level passages near Tokyo Teleport Station (near the Fuji TV building too).
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    Updated a couple images and clarified the extras.
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    New thread in a moment.
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