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Thread: If you had the chance at creating an actual Digimon TV series of your own...

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    If you had the chance at creating an actual Digimon TV series of your own...

    If there's another thread that happens to be similar to this one, either I probably overlooked it or it's probably old.

    If you had the chance at creating an actual Digimon TV series of your own, what would your ideas be?

    For me (even though I'm not really Japanese myself as you might tell), I would make a series akin to a "science-fantasy with spiritual elements", like a mix of fantasy worlds like Middle-Earth & Narnia, and sci-fi worlds like Tron & 2001. My ideas would include:
    • Possible title: Digimon Guardians
    • Our team of Tamers/DigiDestined/Chosen Children would derive from various countries, such as England, Singapore, Scotland, etc.
    • My series would involve old familiar Digimon as well as introduce new ones.
    • Our main character would be a female goggle-head named Tamiko Yamane.
    • The other members are Robert Turing (A fan of classic fantasy/sci-fi novels from England), Emily & Eddy McIntosh (Sister and brother from Scotland, think of them as a gender-swapped Tai & Kari), and John Lim (A tech-expert from Singapore).
    • Tamiko's grandfather would own a old computer that serves as a gate to the Digital world.
    • My ideas for partner Digimon so far include: Solomon (a rookie-level Digimon that resembles a blue spider-monkey/rabbit hybrid), Faemon (A female equivalent to, say, Piccolomon), and Tikimon (resembling a Tiki mask with limbs).
    • Our team may be supported by old Digimon like Saint Galgomon and Cherubimon, as well as new ones like the Gandalf-esque Alchemon and the Mechagodzilla-esque JumboGojimon.
    • Villains may include Lucemon, Dagomon, Daemon, GranDracmon, etc.
    • One story arc may involve a mysterious young human used as a servant of evil, under the control of one of the antagonists, who turns out to be a previous Tamer/Chosen children who came to the world before our heroes and soon recovers from control and joins the team, similar to Ken from Adventure 02.
    • Our partner Digimon may reach their Mega/Ultimate forms via spiritual bonds (mind, body & soul) with their human partners, similar to the Matrix Evolution from Tamers.
    • Our team might also discover crests based on the classical elements: like Wind, Fire, Water, Earth, Void, etc.

    But those are my ideas so far, what would yours be? Please feel free to express your ideas in the comment section down below. Thank you.

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    I would want a TV Series that only has Digimon and not humans similar to Digimon X Evolution. The shows main character could be a new digimon that is created for the show And we could watch it go on a adventure. Maybe have a olympus 12 arc where the main character Digimon Helps the Olympus 12. And later meets have a Royal Knight ark where the Digimon Proves Himself to the Royal knights and Finally The last arck the Seven Demon Lord Ark where It helps the Royal Knights by fighting the 7 Demon Lord and the Final Boss could be Ogudomon. This was just a quick summary what do you think

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    I would like a Digimon series about adults going into the Digital World instead of kids.
    I'd also like to see more groups that aren't Royal Knights, like the Olympus 12. I also want to see Spirit Hybrids of the non-Fire and Light elements, plus Spirit Hybrids of the Earth, Steel, Wood and Water Spirits actually being a thing.

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    I'm going digital
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    hmmm I have a theme where human world has been in apocalypse, they weren't able to go outside earth bcos different nature. But scientist find the digital world as a parallel earth which look and feel like a real earth, they are trying to migrate to digital world for seeking a new habitat to live.

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    Well, a concept I always loved, was to have main characters, who once had been chosen children/Tamers, but had forgotten about it, because the digital world is a secret and stuff. But now the digital world is in danger and the old partners reach out to their human counterparts to save the world again. But the humans by now have moved on with their lives, are young adults and have a hard time to be a hero again.

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    Basically continue on in the vein of Hunters, with mass amounts of crossover spectacle and fun.

    Some of the non-Tamers (Davis and Veemon, Yoshi and Lalamon) would get to do Bio-Merge / Matrix Evolution; Sora and Kristy would get puzzled over their Biyomons having different Champions; the Xros Wars gang would not get 'levels' or why they're important, initially; Ryo and Ken would get a moment to catch up.

    There wouldn't really be any centralized villain/antagonistic force for them to defeat - just heavy emphasis on character interaction, interspersed with the occasional demonic invader/conqueror needing their ass kicked into their mouth.

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    I come from the net
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    I'm sure no one remembers but I have one full season for an idea. I started making it before Savers came out. I also have 2 other ideas. One more explained then the other with one more idea I could use. The 2nd idea happens to be Banchos, the 3rd is a joke about an International team, and the 3rd is an idea about what if we have the Olympus digimon as the kid's digimon. The first however is the most developed series. With evern a movie idea and the 7GDLs are the villains. ...And one other thing.

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    Mine is one I am actually considering making a comic at some point. When Applimon brought in augmented reality terminology to fill out their lore (referring to the "AR Field", of course), it reminded me of a lot of other sci-fi books and shows that used augmented reality. (Also the popularity of Pokemon Go.) I thought it would be cool to have AR technology be the center plot device, and the story structure be similar to other tournament shounen shows. (ie. Medabots, Beyblade, etc.). I imagine it being a spiritual successor to C'mon Digimon, using all the original v-pet and pendulum Digimon, with a few others from that same early era possibly added in. There would be Digimon World 1- style training areas and missions the kids could go and do in addition to the regional tournaments going on.

    The main plot would be the tournaments, of course, but there would be a major subplot of Digimon randomly appearing in places they don't normally and forcing people to fight them. There could also be hacker tamers, of course, which might make for some fun antagonists.

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    I like the idea of a Digimon series being based on reality like how Tamers was. Similar to Tri and the recent Digimon World Next Order, old fans reconnect with the series (a bit relateable dont you think?). Digimon was thought to be a TV anime, card game, and video game but was forgotten and faded away into obscurity until one of the characters found a box of old video games of his when he was a kid (now an adult). As for the rest is up to your imagination. Maybe getting sucked in the video game they all used to play together as kids.

    -Real world setting / Reality
    -Old friends reconnecting with each other as adults
    -Rediscovering Digimon then something happens when they all finally reunite
    -Their adventure is based on the game they are sucked in and to get out they have to "complete" it together once more like when they were kids but this game is one they never got around to finish

    I would kinda like a modern adaptation of Digital Monsters Ver.S, the very first Digimon video game ever made.

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    Definitely set in the Digital World for the most part. Either;
    • Just one child for the first arc, focusing on bonding with their partner, and learning to survive the hostile environment. It gradually expands out into a bigger world with higher stakes, and more characters who were pulled into the world too.
    • Start with the Digital World being quite a dire place like X-Evolution, ruled with tyranny, and the main character is a Digimon who discovers a human frozen in a vat. They fuse, giving it the power to evolve faster and fight stronger. The Digimon and Human can converse mentally, while they figure out how to hone their new powers, unravel the mysteries of the human's origins, and fight the injustice around them.
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