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Thread: Wizarmon in Digimon Adventure Tri

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    Quote Originally Posted by CoDL View Post
    After tri was announced they released a new CD drama and if I'm remembering right one part of it had Wizardmon and Tailmon before the Digidestined defeat Devimon. I'm pretty sure Wizardmon told her that he was from another world and when she asked what he meant he said, "You'll find out soon enough." Before we were 5 movies into tri I had assumed that would turn out to be important somehow but I've lost faith in that idea. I'm interested to see whether or not that'll even be touched on in Part 6
    The thing is that the CD Drama was done by the members of the old staff. So Tri's staff were not involved in any aspect of this story (we do not even know if they have heard this CD Drama).

    Sometimes writers leave stories open so that other writers can treat or complete these stories, but this does not mean that other writers going to do this (something similar seems to have happened with Dagomon and his creatures in 02).

    We will have to wait to see if they treat these topic.

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    Pretty sure that same drama CD has the track where the kids seal a Digital Gate with the powers of the Four Holy Beasts and Palmon evolves to Rosemon under all the stress to help guide the ritual. So unless you think that part's canon too, it seems unlikely the Wizardmon backstory track will have much impact on Tri.

    (That being said, it'd be totally awesome if it ended up working out that both were canon.)
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