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Thread: Create a chimeramon(like) digimon

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    Did fill the parts for the Chimeramon a while ago, good to see that this thread was reborn so I can post it.

    Head: Devidramon - Looks vicious, strong and can shoot fire IIRC.

    Helmet: Stingmon - Best mask from my favorite mon, decided to keep Stingmon's influence to a minimum since I want it to be more beastial.

    Body: Golemon - Sturdy and capable of withstanding probably all other parts I want to potencially add.

    Right Front Arms: Devimon - It looks a bit lanky but it has a long reach and can complement the other sets of arms.

    Left Front Arms: Ebidramon - The Twin Neptune look awesome so even if only one it still makes it more cool.

    Back-Arms (?): Tankmon - Because guns, simple as that, helps furthering my Chimeramon's range.

    Legs: Vritramon - They look strong enough to hold Golemon's heavy body while still adding decently to agility.

    Tail: Whatever Vobomon's Adult stage name is - This was a recent change but I think it's warrented, the Vobomon family has amazing tails and this tail is just like that. That mini axe looks pretty swell.

    Wings: Velgrmon - This is more because Velgrmon is my favorite bird but they also look great astheticaly.

    Extra: Chrysalimon Tendrils - Hard choice between this and the MetalGreymon hair but I had to go with this as I thought the hair would be too OP plus I love Chrysalimon so it made more sense.

    Probably would call it Tyrantmon or something.

    @Miru, great Waifumon you got there.

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    PerfectChimeramon: Garudamon's helmet, MetalGreymon's left claw, WereGarurumon's legs, MegaKabuterimon's horn, Lillymon's and Angewomon's wings, MagnaAngemon's armor and right arm and Zudomon's shell.

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    I come from the net Jay Ukyou's Avatar
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    But what about MetalGreymon's HAIR?!
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    Shoot, I made a Chimeradramon about a year or so back that I even bothered drawing out, but I can't find it. It broke the rules of this thread though, had a number of Mega parts. Were I to do it again under these rules...

    Volcdramon's helmet
    Growlmon's body
    Paildramon's left arm
    Ebidramon's right arm
    Megadramon's wings
    AeroVeedramon's wings under those
    Strikedramon's legs
    Arresterdramon's tail


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    I come from the net Jay Ukyou's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaioumon View Post
    This guy right here. He gets it.

    (Also, I would love to see a drawing of this chimera)
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    I would make a Sophia/Zarc-version of Chimairamon which consist of an Armor, a Hybrid, a No Level, and an Appmon. Let's see what I got:

    Option 1:
    Head: Musimon
    Torso: Digmon
    Arms: Sparrowmon
    Legs: Chakmon

    Option 2:
    Head: Lighdramon
    Torso: Raidramon
    Arms: Bolgmon
    Legs: Dorurumon

    Option 3:
    Head: Petaldramon
    Torso: Submarimon
    Arms: Gatchmon
    Legs: Deckerdramon

    Option 4:
    Head: DarkVolumon
    Torso: Dezipmon
    Arms: Duskmon
    Legs: Allomon
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    Chimeramon Alter ARMOR
    Armor Level/Data Type/Composite Digimon

    A strange variant of Chimeramon created entirely of the Data of Armor Digimon.

    No one is quite sure who made this Digimon or why, but given the sheer destructive potential of the original Chimeramon Species it is a subject to be feared.

    Furthermore like most Armor Digimon it can exist at multiple levels, however whereas most Armor Digimon are equivalent to Adult or Perfects like the venerated Magnamon Species Chimeramon Alter ARMOR can exist as an Ultimate.

    Its body consists of the following.
    Legs: Lighdramon
    Arms: Togemogumon(Bottom Right), Maildramon(Bottom Left),Shadramon(Top Right), Flybeemon (Top Left),
    Body: Peacockmon
    Tail: Coatlmon
    Wings: Pipismon(Bottom), Gargomon(Top)
    Head: Thuderbirmon
    Hair: Pegasmon

    Shadow Viper: spits a stream of dark energy infused with poison at enemies. While it may seem inferior to the original Chimeramon's Heat Viper instead of being a heat ray that can do damage with the shockwave it causes Shadow Viper's "poisonous dark energy" constantly emits toxic vapors as well. Even if it misses an opponent the dark energy on impact with a surface will stick like a heavy sludge and emit this toxic gas, allowing it to destroy much larger swathes of enemies and land then Heat Viper.
    Composite Arms: infuses it's arms with elemental energy and tears foes apart or fires elemental energy beams from them.
    Togemogumon Arm: Ice
    Maildramon Arm: Metal
    Shadramon Arm: Fire
    Flybeemon Arm: Lightning
    Armored Impulse: flies at supersonic speeds to crush foes with it's heavily armored body.
    Calamity Cross: focuses the conflicting energies inside of it's body parts. and releases it in a massive shockwave of rainbow colored energy, dealing massive damage and random status effects.

    Note: wow it was hard making this guy with each part barring the wings and head fully Armored whether it be with metal or chitin.

    How does he look?

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    Cool idea and all, but my first thought was, "Togemogumon and Maildramon have arms?" Unless they like rest on the ground or something.
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    Love this idea! I remember reading about all the 02 kids' Chimeramon creations, and thought that was pretty cool.
    So, here's mine:

    Head: BlackGrowlmon
    Hair: WarGrowlmon
    Faceplate/Helmet: Flarelizamon
    Body1: Black XV-Mon
    Body2: Centalmon
    Arm-Right: Cyclomon
    Arm-Left: DarkTyranomon
    Legs: LoaderLeomon
    Tail: Vermilimon (Because the color works better with Centalmon's lower half than Monochromon. :P )
    Extra: MetalMamemon's Psycho Blaster, sitting behind/over left shoulder. (If I could get away with two of them, though, he'd have them over both shoulders like Mugendramon.)

    He has two body components because Centalmon's lower half allows it. I really wanted to see what he'd look like so I did a quick-and-dirty Photoshop job. It looks a bit derpy, especially since I had to use my own sketch of Cyclomon's arm, but I think I'd like to do a refined version of him at some point.

    I really have no idea of how he'd stack up against everyone else. ^^'
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    Red shirt Kiimon: Blast Mode's Avatar
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    Here's my idea:
    Head - MetalTyrannomon with Giga/Megadramon's helmet thing
    Body - Something between Andromon and MetalTyrannomon
    Arms - Giga/Megadramon (Right); MetalGreymon (Left)
    Legs - MetalTyrannomon but with more metal and with Andromon's shoulder pads on his knees
    Feet - Like Garurumon's but made out of metal
    Wings(?) - MetalMamemon's blaster things attached to his back
    Tail - RustTyrannomon without the little fork thing at the end (I know its sort of breaking the rules but the fork thing is like Tailmon's holy ring and without it he's the strength of a normal perfect so it's ok, it's canon trust me)

    Mugen Cannon - Shoots energy balls out of its MetalMamemon cannons
    Mugen Hand - Shoots out the MetalGreymon hand

    In Adventure I'd say as a villain it would stomp the chosen children until they find out about WarGreymon's Dramon Slayers, as a hero it'd probably go all the way up to Pinnochimon easily.
    In 02 it would probably die and then combine with Chimeramon and destroy the universe
    In Tamers it should get up to the D-Reaper easily and help them fight it but end up losing
    In Frontier it would destroy up to Cherubimon
    In Savers it would lose to the knights
    In Xros wars it would stomp everything for a while and then eventually die

    On a more serious note
    One made of the perfect levels of all the 7 Great Demon Lords (since most of them don't have any official perfect levels I'm just going with the most similar ones that can evolve into them)

    The Digimon I'm using - Lucemon FM (Lucemon FM), MegaSeadramon (Leviamon), SkullSatamon (Demon), Mephismon (Belphemon), Astamon (Barbamon), Neodevimon (Beelzebmon), LadyDevimon (Lilithmon)

    Head - Mephismon with NeoDevimon's Mask
    Body - SkullSatamon
    Arms - LadyDevimon's Right Arm, Mephismon's Left
    Extra Arms - NeoDevimon
    Legs - Mephismon
    Wings - Lucemon Falldown Mode
    Tail - MegaSeadramon
    Hair - NeoDevimon with Lucemon's bangs (white)
    Extras - Astamon's Cloak
    Weapons - Astamon's knife and shotgun in the Neodevimon Arms

    Alternatively, with Baalmon instead of NeoDevimon

    Head - Baalmon with Mephismon Horns
    Body - SkullSatamon
    Arms - Baalmon's right arm on the left (mirrored), LadyDevimon's right arm on the right
    Extra Arms - SkullSatamon
    Legs - Mephismon
    Wings - Lucemon Falldown Mode
    Tail - MegaSeadramon
    Hair - LadyDevimon with Lucemon's bangs
    Extras - Astamon's Cloak
    Weapons - Astamon's knife in LadyDevimon's hand and Baalmon's knife in Baalmon's hand

    [edit - changed some stuff based on Jay's comment, replaced Phantomon with Astamon and moved some stuff around a little, added Baalmon alternative]
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