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Thread: tri. Image in New Animedia

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    tri. Image in New Animedia

    The new Animedia not only had Appmon, but a new tri. promotional image!

    Image Thumbnail

    It features Taichi and Yamato in what appears to be shogun dress style clothing.

    It also has Koromon, Tsunomon, and Ogremon!

    There is also a bit of a closeup on the Yamato portion.

    Image Thumbnail

    Thanks to susuyan81 for the images.
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    If i'm not wrong the title mentioned about meicoomon right? I'm really curious!! Please translate it!! And i really like the artwork!! Very nice!! Both of them look good and the digimon looks so cute!! Thank you very much!

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    was there supposed to be an interview with one of the tri producers on that magazine ?

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    I come from the net
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    Ha. I get it. Being New Years. And that's Ogremon. Cute picture.

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