One more thing (well... two things) from the Tokuban earlier today.

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Tamura Mutsumi (Koushiro) mentioned a preview screening of Digimon Adventure tri. part 4 would be held on February 3rd.

It was also mentioned that tri. part 3 would be shown separately on a different day. Some sort of special screening for some reason seems likely, but we aren't sure at the moment.

So far Toei's only comment has been the Digimon Adventure Twitter mentioning that a preview screening of tri. part 4 will be held and to look forward to more information soon.

Details of both screenings will likely be announced soon.

The prior parts of tri. also had early preview screenings.

The proper (limited) theatrical screenings of Digimon Adventure tri. part 4 begins on February 25th and it's scheduled to run for 3 weeks (although by tradition so far, it's almost certain to run a few more weeks.

Thanks to shin for the heads up.