We may have our first mention of a tri. part 2 dub...

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Cherami Leigh posted that to her Twitter a few hours ago.

It doesn't specifically mention Digimon (and anime does have a lot of little pink buddies), but it's the first mention we have from an actor that hints they may be back in the booth recording more tri.

Cherami Leigh plays Biyomon and Maki in the Digimon Adventure tri. dub.

Things like this tend to come in waves, so if it is a Digimon hint, no doubt other actors will be starting up soon.

Update- Joshua Seth has announced he will be recording a new animated film in LA soon.

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He announced it in the newest update to his mailling list.

Is it tri.? He suggests we will know next month.

Thanks to Rafael for this newest tidbit

Update- Tara Sands has tweeted and posted an image of herself, hinting she's in the booth recording for more Digimon Adventure tri.

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Thanks to C-MC and Mark for the heads up.

Update- Colleen O'Shaughnessy has mentioned on Twitter she's recorded in response to a question.

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The response doesn't solidly make clear it's Digimon (since the question referred to the 'second' word and not the third), but further comments make clear she's referring to Digimon.

Thanks to C-MC for the heads up.