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Thread: tri. Pop-Up Shop Part 3 Announced, First Merchandise Announced

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    tri. Pop-Up Shop Part 3 Announced, First Merchandise Announced

    Giving this one it's own thread also since the Tokuban thread will likely become just about the preview.

    Lining up pretty nicely with part 4 in theaters...

    Image Thumbnail

    The pop-up shop will be returning again!

    We get a nice preview of the key art for the 3rd tri. pop-up shop, along with the date it'll be open- February 24th thru March 15th.

    It will again be at the Ikebukuro P'PARCO Limited Base shop.

    We also have the first products!

    Image Thumbnail

    The images drawn by the cast in prior Tokubans were so popular they are putting them on merchandise! They show off some with designs by Tamura and Enoki for now!

    Update- Swapped out the art for a clean official shot and the first product details.
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    Oh man that's hilarious. I wish it was easier to buy these things. I can't wait to see what else comes out of this pop up shop though.

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