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Thread: Tokuban Adventure for tri. Part 4, Update- Soushitsu first 5 mins

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    Tokuban Adventure for tri. Part 4, Update- Soushitsu first 5 mins

    The part 4 Tokuban starts soon.

    Image Thumbnail

    The image above was posted by the official Digimon Adventure Twitter from the rehearsal they did for the Tokuban.

    It's currently 3am Pacific, it starts at 4am Pacific.

    This thread will be updated as we are able to with any information from the stream.

    Image Thumbnail

    Another image they posted, just of the plushies this time.

    I will not be around for it, hopefully theigno will be around to update this post live, but if he isn't, I'm sure he will update as he is able to.

    Update- I'm vaguely awake so here are some updates so far...

    The primary bit of news so far is the pop-up shop will be back.

    Image Thumbnail

    We get a nice preview of the key art for the 3rd tri. pop-up shop, along with the date it'll be open- February 24th thru March 15th

    Thank to gyuri for the image.

    Gave this it's own thread since this thread will likely become about the preview once it's available.

    Update 2- They had the cast that is there do drawings again like they've done before.

    Image Thumbnail Image Thumbnail

    So far we only have one of the drawings.

    Update 3- DigiFes 2017!

    Image Thumbnail

    July 30th!

    Gave this it's own thread since this thread will likely become about the preview once it's available.

    Thanks to Hiroki and rotete21 for the images in various updates above.

    Update 4- No announcement on who will be there yet that we know of, but they announced another Tokuban.

    It'll be February 20th at 9pm (Japan Time.)

    Here is it's own thread.

    Update 5- Digimon Adventure tri. character songs!

    Out March 29th.

    First press versions for 3,315 yen. Normal versions for 3,056 yen.

    Update 6- They thank everyone for watching and their support with an awesome photo.

    Image Thumbnail

    Various updates details and images for the updates are being added in their own threads.

    Soon we will have the first few minutes of footage and discussion in this thread will turn to that hard I assume.

    Update 7 by Theigno:
    We now have a bunch more screencaps from the stream with summaries thanks to Jay Ukyou:

    Image Thumbnail (custom)
    VA doodles on T-shirts

    Image Thumbnail (custom)
    Digimon Shop blurb

    Image Thumbnail (custom)
    Meiko's and Meicoomon's VAs' doodles during the quick contest. There was a viewer vote afterwards.

    Image Thumbnail (custom)
    Slightly better view.

    Image Thumbnail (custom)
    Sora's VA's doodle. She mentioned she thought it seemed like a scenario where Sora must've gotten sick and Piyomon dressed up as her to fill in for her at school, what a caring partner!

    Image Thumbnail (custom)
    How nostalgic, a VHS tape! It was inside a random treasure box they had to find the key to open. Presumably the preview for Part 4 was on it, but I didn't catch what it was, to be honest.

    Image Thumbnail (custom)
    More advertising blurbs.

    Image Thumbnail (custom)Image Thumbnail (custom)
    Digimon hats in action! Patamon's wings have poseable wire frames in them!

    Image Thumbnail (custom)
    Digimon LINE stickers! I actually already bought these, they're great!

    Image Thumbnail (custom)
    Meicoomon giant plush doll, held by Meicoomon's VA!

    Image Thumbnail (custom)
    New anniversary V-Pet gets some action! Koushirou's and Meiko's VAs geek out about how nostalgic it is and start playing it a bit before actually showing it off to the stream. It was kinda cute.

    The first 5 mins of Soushitsu!

    Updated with a better quality copy.

    If the embed doesn't work here is a direct link.

    Another Update:
    Someone uploaded most of the stream to youtube in decent quality. However unfortunately the tri. part 4 preview as well as the new Digimon links commercial were cut out:

    Info about this Tokuban from the prior thread is below.

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    The first Tokuban Adventure for tri. part 4 will be on January 10th.

    The stream will be on niconico.

    The stream will open it's 'doors' at 8:50pm and the stream will officially start at 9:00pm (Japan time.)

    They've announced four guests for the Tokuban.

    Image Thumbnail Image Thumbnail Image Thumbnail Image Thumbnail

    For this Tokuban we have Suzuko Mimori (Sora), Mutsumi Tamura (Koushiro), Miho Arakawa (Meiko), and, for the first time in a Tokuban, Yukiko Morishita (Meicoomon.)

    They've announced they will be showing the first part of tri. part 4 and that they will have lots of new information and announcements.
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    Do we have any word on how long the stream will be?

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    So far there's been a mini-quiz game where the actresses try to guess where in the story a screenshot is from. Koushirou's VA is the clear winner!

    Then they have the present actresses showing off some of their doodles, which are apparently available as T-shirt and Tote bag prints.

    Then there's a quick doodling contest where Sora's, Meiko's, and Meikuumon's VAs draw their partners as eachother. Meikuumon's VA is particularly confident and draws the best picture by a wide margin.

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    I'm attempting to do some mild updates as I can, I should probably be in bed and will likely vanish quite soon.
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    Throughout all of it, Koushirou's VA keeps getting sent "Missions" where she has to perform dumb actions, like only speaking in English or doing charades.

    There's a treasure box delivered and she's tasked with searching for the key. They eventually find it after finding some fake keys and there's a VHS tape in the box.

    Before showing what's on the tape, they have a series of announcements for digimon events and media we already know about...

    They do show off the hats, new tri cards, and anniversary V-Pets in real time though. The VAs are particularly psyched about the V-Pets

    New stuff about Next Order Intl: 230+ digimon, including Meikuumon/Meicrackmon

    They show off a new Digimon Linkz CM, with that creepy agumon.

    Then there's a 5-minute or so clip of the beginning of Part 4. I'll post my quick translation notes in a minute.

    Then they play a bit of the new tri version of Keep On. It's kinda awesome~

    They announce something about lottery tickets associated with the part 4 DVD/BD and DigiFes2017 on 4/4.

    Next Tokuban is 2/20 at 21:00 JST

    Quick translation notes. I was literally just typing this into IRC while watching it, so I missed a bunch of lines, but there wasn't any real pertinent information. I'll summarize as best I can, but I'd need to actually watch it again to check everything.

    Scene shows Meiko being forlorn while staring at her Digivice. The Digivice pulsates slightly.
    Meiko: "Mei-chan, are you crying?"

    Scene switches to the Baby digimon, barraging the kids with questions:
    Koromon: What are you doing here?
    Pukamon: You guys are humans, right? Why are you here?
    Baby Digimon: Why do you guys know us?
    Tokomon I think: What do you eat?
    Jou: Wait, slow down, if you all ask at once, I can't answer you
    Taichi: *poking Koromon* You haven't changed a bit~
    Tanemon: *being picked up by Mimi* Don't eat me!
    Mimi: Don't worry, I'm not going to eat you... we're partners!
    Tanemon: What's a Partner?
    Mimi: Tanemon...

    Yamato and Tsunomon exchange awkward utterances.
    Tsunomon: ...what?
    Yamato: ...ah... nothing...
    Hikari: Nice to meet you, I'm Hikari (offers her hand to Nyaromon, who sniffs it tentatively)
    Nyaromon: This scent is the same as this whistle, it's a nice scent

    Scene switches to Sora in the woods.
    Sora: Pyokomon? Where are you? (she accidentally steps on Pyokomon's petals)
    Pyokomon: Ouch!
    Sora: Oh no, I'm sorry, Pyokomon (picks her up to comfort her)
    Pyokomon: Let go, that hurts! Let go of me!
    Sora: Wait!
    Pyokomon: What?
    Sora: Don't you remember? We're partners, I always used to spoil you and we would always eat with everyone and go to the onsen and have lots of fun together, let me help you remember!
    Pyokomon: Liar! I don't know any of that stuff (runs off)

    Scene changes to Koushirou on his laptop alongside Takeru:
    Takeru: It's no good, no reply.
    Koushirou: *yammering about the Digital Gate and something not being right with the Digital World since the Reboot*
    Tokomon: What's a Reboot?
    Koromon: Is it tasty?!
    Motimon: Wow, Koushirou, you understand a lot of difficult things
    Koushirou: Not really, I'm just trying to see what I can learn about this world for the sake of you guys.

    Nearby, Takeru picks up a bewildered Tokomon:
    Tokomon: What's wrong?
    Takeru: *peers at Tokomon intensely* ...The infection's gone!
    Tokomon: What's... infection?
    Takeru: *shakes head* It's nothing to worry about anymore! *smiles brightly* More importantly, Tokomon, let's be best friends!
    Tokomon: *looks uneasy and confused* Uhh... *turns out to be completely fine with this* OKAY! (best moment in the preview)

    Jou: We have to start looking for a way home. Do you think Himekawa can help us?
    Mimi out of nowhere: Everything's fine! We found a way home last time, we'll do it again!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ukyouluvr View Post

    Then they play a bit of the new tri version of Keep On. It's kinda awesome~
    I look forward on hearing it. Personally, a favorite closing theme since the old Adventure days.
    Bored of Knife of Day?

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    All the details of the Tokuban I believe are up above.
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    I really wonder whether those VAs actually knew things about the v-pets for being psyched or they were just digimon fans by having watched Adventure (and above) in their childhood.

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    May i ask, will we get the first five minutes of soushitsu??

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    They aired the first five minutes, so I suspect it won't be long before -someone- uploads it somewhere.

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