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Thread: Anime Canon Veemon and The Reason he Was Weak Vs Game CounterPart

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    I don't believe it was ever stated that way. I think Omegamon just met an opponent stronger than he was.
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    Re: Imperialdramon being 11x stronger than Wargeymon?

    Evidence? Because if anything Wargreymon's dramon destroyers gives him a distinct advantage of ImperialDRAMON.

    And despite (in the dub at least) his own boast that he's stronger than any Digimon Imperialdramon never did a single impressive thing in the tv series: Fight off two Digimon a level weaker, get owned by a Digimon a level below and needing a power boost/mode change just to waste said Digimon that's a level weaker, hold off Blackwargreymon with Wargreymon
    (Blackwargreymon is another Digimon I think that gets overestimated in power) and two of them knock MaloMyotismon out of the wish dimension after he's already been beated down by armored, champions, and ultimate

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