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Thread: What is so bad about Digimon Xross Wars The Young Hunters

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    What is so bad about Digimon Xross Wars The Young Hunters

    I stopped watching the show between half way through Digimon Xross Wars, i might watch it all. I was wondering why does everyone hate the last season The Young Hunters. All i know is the ending where all the heroes from all the season come together. Was the plot worse than Xross Wars.

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    There really was no plot, per se. It consisted almost entirely of monster-of-the-week episodes without any kind of continuous storyline until like the last three episodes.
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    What I really dislike about Hunters was the already mentioned lack of plot but also every episode was just find a digimon, fight a digimon, capture a digimon. Over and over and over. With as many people out there who claim Digimon is a rip off of Pokémon, the writers of the show didn't really need to give them any sort of thing that could be seen as actual evidence for that argument.
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    It's just if you compare the epic battles, the strong characterization and the amazing story and background of Xros Wars (1-54) plus its Manga, with its sequel Young Hunters (55-79), it's just super meh. As an independent anime it could work, cause honestly I've seen lots of animes way more horrible than Young Hunters, but as a story of Digimon, which are characterized for having strong and profound plots, it doesn't feel at the same level as the rest of the seasons. The music and some specific moments, like the reunion of the old Xros Heart, are awesome though. The Legendary Heroes meeting is quite forced plot-wise, but pretty enjoyable anyways. So I would recommend you to watch it and make your own opinion about it, and of course share it with us of course if you want to

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    We already have 3 threads on this one. Also I've moved it to the correct are:


    So am closing this thread.

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