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Thread: I feel like they should have switched a couple of the world tour pairings

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    I feel like they should have switched a couple of the world tour pairings

    Crossed my mind while watching the World Tour mini-arc that a couple of pairings should have been switched

    Most of them made some amount of sense

    Mimi/Davis- Both always say what's on their mind. Also the show probably wanted the lead of 02 to be in New York

    Joe/Cody- Both have water Digimon and Cody inherited Joe's crest and you have the oldest with the youngest. Cody seemed to look up to Joe as a big brother like Yolei saw Mimi as a big sister.

    Tai/TK- TK idolized Tai in the 01 days. Plus the leader of the first season and the real leader of season 2. (Well rewatching season 2 if often alternated between TK and Yolei,
    Davis was a figure head. A leader in name only)

    Matt/Ken- The lancers/lone wolfs/pretty boys/the ones who dabbled in the dark side.

    But Yolei and Sora; um yeah Yolei inherited Sora's crest but they don't have much in common other than that and bird Digimon.

    Kari and Izzy is even more random.

    Personally it should have been Yolei/Izzy because they were both the computer whiz of their respective teams (and Yolei seemed closest to Izzy) and Kari and Sora because they're the respective team moms and have had been teased with both their team's respective goggle head and Ishida/Takahaishi brother


    Also reminded me of how Cody should have gotten Love and Reliability (Sincerity in Japanese) and Yolei should have gotten Knowledge and Sincerity (Purity)
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    Meh I don't see how both Yolie and Izzy being on the same team would've contributed to the plot, it's not like the focal points of any of these episodes had anything to do with computers other than than using them to open digigates. Same
    with Kari and Sora, there weren't any episodes were they could be the mom of the group. The episodes were mostly just monster of the day episodes, Joe and Cody worked because they needed a water Digimon and Sora and Yolie worked when they needed to fight Digimon in the air, that was the main point of pairing them. I guess they could've paired Izzy and Yolie now that I think about it, since both Digimon can fly and it still would've worked. They also could've made it to where Koushirou spoke some Russian, I mean he is smart and he communicates with chosens from all over the world, makes more sense then Sora using hand signals and random Russian words that have to do with food to communicate with the Russians.
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    Kari also has a flying Digimon for air battles; Angewomon . ...and Nefertimon for that matter. So that argument is rather moot.

    Of course shared character traits wasn't necessary for "plot" but outside of Kari/Izzy and Sora/Yolei the arc was good on pairings that made sense where personalties and characters who had chemistry were paired together.

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    I like putting Koushiro and Hikari together actually. I think that both seasons of Adventure regrettably fail to utilize their relationship in a really noticeable or novel way, but there's some potential in the background of certain scenes -- they're both Taichi's most consistently loyal supporters in Adventure, after all.

    On the other hand I grant you that Koushiro/Miyako would have been equally fun, for the same reason that Koushiro and Mimi's interactions are fun -- they are polar opposites. The fact that Miyako has a similar skillset with Koushiro would have been gravy. I am less convinced that Sora/Hikari would have been all that interesting given what we know about their characterizations in Zero Two.

    To be honest though I think we would have been dissatisfied with the result of whoever was paired with Sora, considering that of the original team, she's treated as an afterthought in Zero Two. The writers really don't know what to do with her outside of the Christmas episode. (I have a lot of thoughts about Episode 12 that I won't go into here since it's off-topic) With Hikari, I think we would feel similarly dissatisfied with whoever she was partnered with as well unless it was Taichi, Takeru, or arguably Mimi.
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