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Thread: 20th Anniversary V-Pet Details and Updates, Including Price and Release Date!

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    20th Anniversary V-Pet Details and Updates, Including Price and Release Date!

    Those looking forward to the 20th V-Pet have been hoping for some details. We finally have some!

    Image Thumbnail

    The new issue of V-Jump gives us quite a few details of the upcoming release.

    First up, you get to raise two Digimon, with access to Digimon from Digimon Version 1 through 5.

    Image Thumbnail

    With two Digimon you will also be able to do tag-team 2v2 battles.

    Also, while the original series of V-Pets only went up to Perfect, this one will allow evolution to Ultimate.

    They're also adding some sort of collection system for the Digimon you've raised.

    Perhaps most exciting, they are adding a pseudo-online feature with 'virtual web battles.' It appears this will be done by the V-Pet giving you a code based on your current Digimon, and you use it on the official website to do an online battle.

    Image Thumbnail

    And for people who were worried about the price due to the high price of the various 15th Anniversary Digivice products, the 20th V-Pet will be 3,500 yen.

    It will be out June 2017.

    Thanks to otya_hiro for the first image and DATS24 for the second and third, and thanks to shin for the translations.

    Shin also mentioned that because the images weren't the best at the moment, that there may be more and/or better details that she may be able to make out after we get better images.

    The previous thread for the 20th anniversary V-Pet is here.

    Info about the countdown to Digimon 20th Anniversary announcements is here.

    Update- Some more details thanks to translations from garm!

    They've changed the timing system to raise Digimon. Getting an Ultimate will only take a week.

    The 'collection system' will be an album where you can view the previous Digimon you've raised.

    They suggest that based on how many Digimon you get in the collection system and how many times you link with other V-Pets 'something good may happen.'
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    I'm going digital
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    I wonder why Bandai is sooo obsessed with the "raising 2 digimon simultaneously" since Ne0 game. I don't think this type of raising will fit a single device. Actually what I am mostly concerned is whether they can give options to raise single or double digimon. Bcos if they force you to raise 2, then it's not good. Not all vpet players like to raise double or triple pets simultaneously in one small device.
    Oh, by the way, Digimon Twin was the first that introducing this system right (though separated device)? Was the Twin model a failure back then? I remember Touya once said it on reddit.

    I still also wonder how it can be controlled with such limited buttons.

    I hope Bandai are not doing something wrong with this.

    The web battle is interesting, though. Shame that we won't get any full colored digimon vpet in 20th anniverary. While Tamagotchi had done full color vpet since back then.

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    I'm going digital Tortoiseshel's Avatar
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    Nov 2014
    Man I really wish they would stop pushing collection. The online battle thing is cool though.

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    Super Moderator TMS's Avatar
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    Wonder how long it will take us to learn who the newly added Ultimates are and what they evolve from. MetalGreymon apparently evolves to WarGreymon, but it's not like no one saw that coming.
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    Junior Commander xSHiNOx's Avatar
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    whoa. that's pretty affordable. can't wait to get one

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    Junior Commander Gigamon23's Avatar
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    First off, 3,500 yen!? I might just sell a couple of my other v-pets and get two or three of the new ones! ^^' (As much to show Bandai in my own small way that these kinds of things are wanted, as for my own enjoyment.) Secondly, these features are like a dream come true for a V-pet lover. Raising two, while not something I especially needed in a new v-pet, will be cool. I do agree with DATS24 in that I hope there's an option to just raise one at a time. I'm especially stoked that you get to raise monsters from all 5 of the original versions! 8D SUPER STOKED!!!!

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    Can't describe how happy I am. That online battle thing is awesome. Practicly, that was all I was asking for.
    You can raise your own mons and battle them online against tamers all around world.
    I hope that the battling online website will be alive for long time.
    Also the add of Mega levels is cool and you can choose any mon from 1-5 vers.
    And it's pretty affordable.
    I wish they added Vdramon line, or some of royal knights (beside Omnimon) as evolution

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    I come from the net flintlock's Avatar
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    I didn't expect the price point to be so reasonable. I feel like Bandai must price these partly on aftermarket prices too which would explain a lot.

    The selection of Digimon from Ver. 1 to Ver. 5 makes me happy! It look like a definitive version of the Vpets. Plus online battling!! I finally get to share this niche hobby with you guys online!

    I hope Bandai make a few new Digimon for this too. Now is the time to give us an ultimate Monzaemon. I'm hoping for RustTyrannomon and KingEtemon too.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tortoiseshel View Post
    Man I really wish they would stop pushing collection. The online battle thing is cool though.
    It'll probably just record which ones you've raised, nothing like a monster collecting game.

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    I come from the net Shadow Shinji's Avatar
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    Can we expect to have more obtainable Digimon than the traditional roster for the Digital Monster Ver.1~5 (apart from the Ultimates)? Anyways, I'm pretty surprised by all the improvements they've added so far.

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    Completely digital ShindoW's Avatar
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    I might have to get 2 at that price. I am so psyched! Assuming this includes .5 variants too?
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