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Thread: First tri. Part 4 Trailer and Details from TV Review Special

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    First tri. Part 4 Trailer and Details from TV Review Special

    The “Pop In Q & Digimon Adventure tri. Review Special!!” has aired in Japan and we have some information (and the first Digimon Adventure tri. part 4 trailer!)

    Image Thumbnail

    First up, they reiterated various details regarding tri. part 4, but by and large there wasn't much in the way of new or unexpected information regarding the actual release itself.

    It will have a 3 week theatrical screening (they don't mention it, but it will likely be extended like the first 3 were.)

    The Theatrical Edition Blu-ray will be on sale during the screenings as expected

    Early pre-screening events will happen for part 4, as they have for the rest of Digimon Adventure tri.

    The first PV/trailer for Digimon Adventure tri. part 4 did air, but we don't have a copy yet. Hopefully it's online soon. Once it does we will update with it.

    They plan on airing the special again on the 18th, so we might not see an official upload of the trailer until after that.

    Thanks to shin for the various details.

    Oh ok... I'll go ahead and spoiler out a few details from the PV until we get it... Don't highlight unless you want to know some of the spoilery Digimon we will be seeing in part 4.

    We see part of the evolution sequence for Seraphimon in the PV

    We also see MetalSeadramon

    Update- Swapped out the trailer for a nice pristine version Toei put up.

    Update- Here is a translation from onkei!

    Gennai?: A touching reunion.
    [And so, we fight against loss...]
    Yamato: I came to this world to find you, and no one else.
    Taichi: Yeah.
    Sora: I'm worried about you!
    Piyomon: You're lying! You're just scared of being alone!
    Sora: That's not true!
    Piyomon: Then go look for the others.
    Sora: Piyomon! Why won't you understand?
    Piyomon: I don't know you!
    [Even if the memories are gone...]
    Takeru: All of it may be gone from the Digital World now, but we remember. From the time we first met, to the time when we had to separate...
    [Bonds can be recovered]
    Mimi: We got to meet again! That right now is enough for me!
    Palmon: Don't eat me!!!
    Mimi: I won't eat you.
    Taichi: I never could figure out how Sora felt, even when we were kids. Even though she sticks her nose in other people's problems, she's secretive about her own and tries to take care of them herself! Not that that's a bad thing about her...
    [Now, once more to the Digital World!]
    Meiko: You're not wrong! Our Digimon partners are special. We're connected to each other, always, no matter what happens! It was you who told me that, Sora-san! Please don't say things like that!
    Piyomon: What's a partner?
    Sora: Eh?
    Piyomon: Sora, you said that I was your partner.
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    *mashes F5*

    ...Actually, that's one benefit of social media updates. Keyboard saved!

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    If Seraphimon is appearing why isn't he on the poster? I'm kind of confused now.

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    Updated with the trailer.
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    Oh wow this seems like it's going to be packed!

    I wonder how Meiko ends up in the Digital World. Also Gennai meeting Takeru and looking like a crazy guy is not cool. Seems bonds are created rather fast for some characters again.

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    Nice trailer. So I take it IS the Dark Masters I guess? Nice to see some Ultimate action. Very glad it's taking place in the Digital World again.

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    It isn't necessary to spoiler tag elements from the trailer.

    I had put spoiler tags up above before we had the trailer.

    Since the trailer is in the news post at this point, if anyone scrolls past that, they can safely assume there will be spoilers.

    As for the Dark Masters... it's hard to say when we know a Digimon involving dreams will be showing up. It very well could be them, but with how little we know, it could very well be the kids/Digimon in their own dreams/nightmares.
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    Thanks for posting the trailer!
    Interesting stuff in there. Can't wait for the translation.

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    I don't know who squealed louder me or Tanemon/Palmon. I have so many more questions now. Part 4 looks like it's gonna be amazing
    We're counting on you, Chosen Children

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    Looking forward to the translation so I can get a better sense of everything that's happening in the trailer, but I am feeling pretty hype, especially after seeing a glimpse of Seraphimon.
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