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Thread: Is this season even worth watching?

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    Well, I didn't want so sound rude or anything like tham in my previous post. You should watch couple of first episodes and see if you like it, that's all that matters.

    In my opinion, 'Xros' anime was to much like other anime series, too repetitive, and it kinda didn't look like a Digimon story to me. At first 'Savers' also seamed strange to me, but later I felt it was a good story worth watching. With 'Xros' it's totally different, even the design of many digimon felt kinda not digimon like (I did like some of them). I guess Xros anime wasn't what I want from Digimon World.


    I dislike Appmon even more, I managed to watch 6 episodes of that anime, so I think Xros anime is way better than that.

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    Appmon's initial episodes are worse than XW indeed, bcos they don't have exciting fights, they did a creative one but they're less exciting. Not to mention they're rushed in almost every episodes

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