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Thread: Next Order Release Dates Plus DLC Details

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    Next Order Release Dates Plus DLC Details

    Thanks to a new Bandai trailer for Next Order we finally have a release date. The trailer is based around Next Order's story.

    The game is coming out on January 31st, which is a bit sooner than we expected.

    There will be slightly different release dates in different regions, so check where you are buying the game from to double check. As an example, the game is coming out on January 27th in Europe.

    Update- It's coming out February 26th in Japan according to the new issue of V-Jump. Thanks to Gematsu for the heads up.

    We also get to hear a few voices in this trailer.

    In addition, the trailer also reveals what the pre-order DLC will be.

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    If you pre-order the game you get:
    The Soundtrack to Digimon World: Next Order
    The Soundtrack to the original Digimon World
    A Digivolution Core to digivolve into Omegamon
    The Adventure Aid set, which includes 68 items with a wide range of functions (these will be one use consumable type items.)

    Update- Removed the German cover and put up a clean version of the NA cover via Bandai.

    Image Thumbnail

    Great looking artwork in general, and I think the logo placement works well.

    Digimon World Next Order is currently available for pre-order in the USA at Amazon (affiliate link.)

    In addition, for those in Europe, Namco Bandai will be running a contest (whether they will do an equivalent for those in the US hasn't been announced yet.)

    They show various prizes including a few Digimon GEM figures, plushies, Cyber Sleuth, Playstation VR and soundtrack downloads.

    Image Thumbnail

    You find QR Codes on the internet related to Next Order and it shows you a Digimon from the game, along with a letter and the position of the letter in a message.

    Image Thumbnail

    There's the first digicard.

    Thanks to Victor for the heads up.

    The previous Next Order thread is here.
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    This is so awesome. It gives you the Soundtrack to Next Order AND Part 1! I wonder if it will have a track with just all the forest noises you here. Ha ha. This is excellent. I hope this game sells well but hopefully people get that this isn't like Cyber Sleuth.

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    3 cards are available to find right now for the hunt.
    I found Agumon, Gabumon and Leomon.
    There will be 32 cards to find total.
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    So can I find the codes from different websites? Or are they only in the trailer???

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    Updated the news article with a nice big and clean version of the NA cover.
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    Great trailer, re-hyped all over again! Too bad those #NoVitaNoBuy whiners are out in full force again though :-/
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rorimor View Post
    Great trailer, re-hyped all over again! Too bad those #NoVitaNoBuy whiners are out in full force again though :-/
    You should stop caring about that lol

    The male protagonist in the cover got a color change in his clothes, is black instead of white/blue.

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    It seems like they took out Accentier as the soundtrack for ExE though I'm hoping I'm wrong. I loved listening to it in the original Vita version especially since they timed the attacks with the chorus.

    Also, in the JP version, there's a lot of neat little speach bubbles your digimon give out on the lower screen when you feed them or they bump into something. I haven't seen that in the trailers yet so I hope they don't remove them.

    Edit: Okay, they kept them~ http://gematsu.com/gallery/albums/di...-14-16_018.jpg
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    This announcement leads me to wonder whether the Japanese International Edition will be identical to the Western one. I know in theory it should, but for some reason the Japanese version looks neater to me.

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    It's looking really good, aside from the weird pronunciation on Machinedramon. I've already got the JP Vita version, but I'll Double Dip to support the franchise.

    I wonder if they'll keep the Japanese human names for the dub?

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