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Thread: NXEdge Alphamon Figure Announced and Images!

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    NXEdge Alphamon Figure Announced and Images!

    At the current Tamashii Nation 2016 event many new figures are being show off, including one of interest to Digimon fans.

    Image Thumbnail

    NXEdge Alphamon!

    They've done an NXEdge Omegamon previously, so this will go good on the shelf with it.

    It looks nice and detailed.

    Hopefully we get more pictures including price soon.

    Thanks to amiami for the news and image.

    Update- Thanks to theigno and boku we have a second image of the figure from Dengeki.

    Image Thumbnail

    And the placard for the product sample!

    Image Thumbnail

    Nothing new there, but good to have an image of it.

    And also, since a few people have asked, Alphamon has had a sword in various bits of artwork over the years called the "Holy Sword Gradalpha." The figure's sword appears to be a revised version of one of the previously used Gradalpha designs. The sword isn't seen that often because Alphamon often uses Ouryuken.

    A photo of the Gradalpha design that is similar to the figure's sword thanks to our friends at Wikimon.

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    I'm a Maniac
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    haha, I can see omnimon to the left XD. This is such a great picture, I'm so excited to see more figures soon.

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    I really have the urge to get this and display it next to the S.H.Figuarts Alphamon.

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    Completely digital Shadow Shinji's Avatar
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    At last one Alphamon that uses the Gradalpha instead of the Ouryuken! Seriously, it has become an issue since more or less the 15th Anniversary in 2012 to distinguish between regular Alphamon and Ouryuken Mode in quite a lot of materials ><

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    Oh my god look at that cute

    I mean I wasn't that much into Alphamon before but oh my god that is the shiniest little edgemon I have ever seen, I want five of them holy crap

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    Holy guacamole! If I had extra money I'd totally buy one of these!

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    Ain't got no mojo... Lauriferous's Avatar
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    Alphamon's looking good in the NXEdge style. Paired up with Omegamon, they'll look great together.

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