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Thread: Appmon General Thoughts

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    Appmon is like the only season where I don't have any characters that I don't like. Sure, Yuujin is my least favourite of the lot but that's just that I find the other four much more interesting.

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    I consider Appmons one of the better (if not the best) Digimon seasons. I really liked how Yuujin was spying the team, how Leviathan was able to come with such complicated plan, and even successfully made it happen, and generally that the series ended in a semi happy ending. What was pretty nice to see was that tormenting the protagonists was required by the master plan, and Yuujin didn't do that because he liked tormenting Haru, but because he needed Haru to awaken his hidden god powers.

    All in all, I think Appmons were a small masterpiece.

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    I adored the show starting out, but lost interest after 20-something episodes, and stopped watching by ep34. Since it was posted to Crunchyroll, I ended my two year hiatus to finish the show. Absolutely did not like it.

    Too many unimportant villains/Leviathan underlings, discarded plot points, the vast amount of filler episodes (especially in the latter part of the season), the entire android thing - Appmon was a mess.
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    I've been watching it since the official sub came out and I'm about halfway through now. I've really fallen for it! I love the characters and I think the series feels no different than any other Digimon series. Haru's such a great main character! The story's gotten increasingly better and I'm excited to see what happens as we get into the real heart of the anime.

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