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Thread: Updated DigiFes 2016 BD/DVD Info and Images

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    Updated DigiFes 2016 BD/DVD Info and Images

    Thanks to a new update from the official site we now have basically all the details of the DigiFes release.

    Image Thumbnail

    Much of this info is from prior news bits, but there are new bits.

    First up, we have confirmation on the formation of the artwork being used. The blue-monochrome version of the new artwork is a slipcover. The full color art is the case insert. The artwork is based on the voice drama the cast performed at DigiFes 2016.

    Image Thumbnail

    Those who like the DigiFes 2016 poster art will be pleased to see it showing up as the reverse side of the case insert.

    Image Thumbnail Image Thumbnail Image Thumbnail Image Thumbnail Image Thumbnail

    We had a basic breakdown of what the disk would contain, but now we have even more details.

    Live Opening Song by Miyazaki Ayumi (it's the tri. version of Brave Heart.)
    Digimon Talk- The tri. cast come on stage and there are several Talk/Q&A segments.
    Original Voice Drama - Taichi and co. go for a beach BBQ. The boys don't pay attention to the girls despite them being in their swimsuits, so the girls go to their partners for advice and the situation gets weird...
    Special Live Performance by AiM and Miyazaki Ayumi- Miyazaki performs Beat Hit and Break Up, AiM performs I wish tri. version and An Endless Tale (Wada's voice is played on recording). They then go for a 'Wada Koji Special Medley' (The Biggest Dreamer, Target, Hirari, Fire!!) and end off with a duet of Seven tri. version.
    Ending- Atori Shigematsu reads out a letter directed to Yuko Mizutani, and they end off with everyone at the venue singing Butter-Fly tri. version.

    Thanks to garm for the translations and write-up based on the detailed description of the event they put on the official site.

    Image Thumbnail Image Thumbnail Image Thumbnail Image Thumbnail Image Thumbnail

    We don't have a full list of extras, but at the very least it will have the version of the Voice Drama that was done at noon DigiFes event.

    Image Thumbnail

    Another picture of the package in a different formation than the image at the top.

    We can also see the booklet, which appears to be a fold out leaflet of 12 pages.

    The release comes out on December 2nd. The MSRP for the DVDs are 5,500 yen, Blu-rays are 6,500 yen.

    The Amazon version comes with a small clear pocket file.
    Animate has also announced if you buy from them that the disk will come with a small 'ticket file' that can hold concert tickets.
    The Toei online store will be including a free DigiFes themed totebag.

    Normal versions are CDJapan affiliate links, the rest are not affiliate links.

    DigiFes 2016 DVD
    DigiFes 2016 DVD Amazon Version
    Digifes 2016 DVD Animate Version
    Digifes 2016 DVD Toei Version

    DigiFes 2016 BD
    DigiFes 2016 BD Amazon Version
    Digifes 2016 BD Animate Version
    Digifes 2016 BD Toei Version

    Prior DigiFes home video thread is here.

    As always, donations are being taken to get this and other materials for the site.
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    I'm pretty curious about the Original Voice Drama.

    I'm sure this will be very funny.

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    I really wish I could hear that An Endless Tale performance...

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    Removed a post as it is illegal to post the full video.

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