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Thread: The Not-So-Perfect Partner Digimon Determining Chart

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    The Not-So-Perfect Partner Digimon Determining Chart

    Also known as "Alice makes up illogical nonsense and watches everyone else react to it"

    So you might remember how a while back I did a Digivice & Partner Digi match-up game and even posted it on a thread here. Well, I'm back for vengence, this time with a new way to figure out your partner Digimon! Or at least narrow down the options a little, there's over a 100 Child Level Digimon, getting any deeper than just to determine who gets what Digimon would require a pretty compicated test of somekind and I don't have time for making that lmao

    Your Zodiac Sign + Your Moral Alignment = Your Partner Digimon (as suggested by me)

    If you don't know what your moral alignment is, here's one alignment test you can take to figure it out.
    Just remember, we're looking at the Lawful/Neutral/Chaotic spectrum, not the Good/Neutral/Evil spectrum.
    All 12 Zodiacs have an element they're associated with. Don't know what element your sign is? No worries, all the signs are in the chart next to their associated element.
    Sometimes people's Moon Signs (a zodiac sign that describes you on an emotional level) are different from their Sun Signs (your "main" zodiac sign that describes you as a person). If you're really not fond of what options your Sun Sign gives you, check your Moon Sign too. You can calculate your Moon sign here.

    I included 102 Child Level Digimon in this chart, the only Digimon I skipped were game exclusives that don't have official Bandai art, Child Level Digimon that have also been classified as Adult or higher (like Tailmon and the Gottsumon variants) at some point in time, and X-Antibodies. Oh, and Standard Grade Appmon were skipped too.
    As you might be able to tell from the chart itself, all Vaccine Digimon were classified as Lawful, Data Digimon as Neutral and Viruses as Chaotic. There were roughly 12 Digimon whose attributes were either Free, Unknown or Variable, most of which I placed into the Neutral section. V-mon, Hawkmon, Armadimon, Patamon and Wormmon all had alternative attibutes so I placed them in this chart according to those attributes, although in hindsight, since Wormmon has been classified as both a Virus and a Vaccine, part of me is thinking that maybe I should've moved Wormmon into the Lawful Earth group instead of Chaotic Earth, since that group is filled to the brim with Digimon already... Oh well, too late to regret that now.
    If you're wondering why the heck I kicked all the purely plant-based Digimon into the Water section instead of Earth, the earth section was already filled to the brim with Nature Spirits and Metal Empire Digimon, while the Water section was incredibly empty. Plants do need water to survive and there was like, only five of them anyways so I thought that would justify them being there. Other than that I indeed tried to use fields as a semi-consistent method of classifying Digimon into the four zodiac elements. Any Digimon with fire-based attacks went into the Fire section and the few Ice Digimon into the Water section along with Deep Savers (which is what field Lunamon belongs into, weird ain't it?). Air section was mostly filled with Virus Busters, some Holy Digimon and a few Wind Guardians. The rest were kind of put in whatever group seemed to make the most sense and had the most room to spare.
    Obviously the logic I used to make this chart is questionable to say the least, as the whole elemental classification thing was kind of a mess, but hey, it's my chart, I can try to make a better one later. Or better yet, make that proper Perfect Partner Digimon Test™ to "accurately" determine a person's partner Digimon.

    Aries is a Fire sign and I'm a Neutral Good, thus I'm a Neutral Fire! I genuinely didn't try to make this chart give me my favorite Digimon but aside from Ryuudamon and DORUmon, I feel like scored jackpot because I love all of these Digimon and would've be hyped to have any of them as my partner (Candmon especially 'cause he is essential to my ideal evolution tree that ends with Piemon ohohoho), although I feel like I'd probably end up with peltless Gabumon instead lmao

    But please, tell me what group you belong into! Do you like your options, do you think any of these Digimon would fit into the role of your partner Digimon? Which of them would you want to have as your partner Digimon (which of them is your fave?), and which do you think you'd actually end up having as your partner? (Remember how Hirokazu wanted an Angemon or an Omegamon as his partner but ended up with a Guardromon? Yeah like that, what're your expectations vs reality?)

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    Well, I'm Neutral Earth. The option are suprisingly really nice, like Renamon, Physchemon, even Strabimon! I don't really mind any of them as my partner(except Neemon) and if we got along and be friends, it would be just dandy. Idk which I want as a partner(but my fave is Strabimon), maybe I would end up with Gottsumon. Because I'm reliable and stubborn as a rock.

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    Chaotic and Air.

    I mean, I already rebloged this in my tumblr, but I guess FanBeemon is cool, I like demon digimon and stuff so that's cool too. Does anyone want to trade for a KoKabuterimon :P. JK. I guess it could segway into Stingmon and then the rest.

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    well iīm Libra and moon sign is Gemini, so thatīs air. the test says iīm Neutral Evil so itīs Neutral-Air for me, not a fan of those within that group however.
    but there is potential to evolve to some cool Digimon, Hawkmon has some good options like Holsmon and Valkyrimon and Patamon can also become a couple of things (including Lucemon FM my fav)

    EDIT: i run the alignment test again on a couple answers i wasnīt quite sure and it ended up at Chaotic Neutral, seems like iīm somewhere between Neutral and Chaos, guess Tsukaimon might suit me well
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    Well, apparently I'm chaotic good. My sun sign is Taurus (Earth) and it turns out my moon sign is either Aquarius (Air) or Scorpio (Water)... not sure what time I was born if daylight saving time is ignored. Guess I should stick with Earth since I know that for sure, but nothing really jumps out at me. I've never been big on figuring out who my hypothetical Digimon partner would be.
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    I'm neutral earth(or neutral fire if we are going with the moon sign). Neutral earth has better partner options so I think I'll go with that. I'm not exactly sure which one would I pick but it would be either Psychemon, Renamon or Strabimon. Or maybe Gaomon.

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    Neutral Air! I don't remember if I reblogged this chart on Tumblr earlier this week, but I'd be happy to be paired with Hawkmon, Terriermon, or Lopmon.
    Check out my Digimon blog for more Digimon-related analysis and commentary.

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    I've always kind of seen BlackGabumon as my hypothetical partner, but that's mostly for Dobermon...the results I ended up getting were kind of hilarious because for both sun and moon it gave me variations of BlackGabumon:

    I ended up with Neutral Fire (Aries) and that group has Gabumon. So that's nice; he's really cute. I guess the moon thing would give me Neutral Earth (Virgo) where I end up with Psychemon as a choice, and again, I really like him.

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    It was only natural I'd get "Lawful Earth" and end up with my spirit animal Tentomon.

    I'm quite pleased with this result, Tentomon was always my favourite.

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    I'm Lawful Earth. Can't say I'm particularly fond of any of the digimon, but Labramon has a great evoline, and Bearmon is a cool bro.

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