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Thread: The Not-So-Perfect Partner Digimon Determining Chart

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    Mar 2013
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    Neutral Water for my Sun sign (Pisces). ...The only one I actually like is Floramon since I can get Ceresmon from its line. XD

    Neutral Fire for my Moon sign (Aries). This time, I like SO MANY of them! Gabumon (-> MetalGarurumon), Dracomon (-> Breakdramon or Slayerdramon), Flamon (-> KaiserGreymon), Hackmon (-> Jesmon), Kotemon (-> SlashAngemon), Ryudamon (-> Ouryuumon), Dorumon (-> Dorugoramon or Alphamon)... especially intrigued by the possibility of getting two, and then getting two Dracomon just so I can jogress them eventually into Examon. XD
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    I got Lawful Water. Gotta go with Swimmon since he's the most obscure one among the available options. Lines: Swimmon -> Mambomon -> King Whamon -> Leviamon
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    Didn't expect to get Chaotic good... my sun sign is water so... Arkadimon obviously! evo-line i chose is the vanilla manga line.
    As for moon sign, it's Leo, among them i'd Guilmon that'll end up as Dukemon X-Antibody.

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    I got the Lawful Neutral and my sign is Aquarius so... Imma choose Patamon with Adventure's evo line!

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    I honestly didn't think I'd be a Chaotic Neutral, but I guess I am! Therefore, I'm a Chaotic Fire, because my sign is Sagittarius. I'd probably go with Gabumon (Black) or Guilmon for my partner, with the standard evolution line for MetalGarurumon (Black) or Dukemon respectively.

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    I am okay with the Labramon line. I do like Seasarmon some. I wish I was born in December though. The Ryudamon line is a vaccine type Digimon, while the picture shows him being in the data type Digimon.

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    My Zodiac sign is Virgo and I got Lawful Neutral on that quiz. Lawful Earth that is. I like Tentomon and Armadillomon and their lines, they are not my most favorites but I do like them. I prefer Tentomon.

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    Ain't got no mojo... valkyri's Avatar
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    Chaotic Fire for my sun sign.

    Chaotic Water for my moon sign.

    so my choices would be: BlackAgumon, BlackAgumon 2006 (I think) fake agumon professor, toyagumon black, blackgabumon, guilmon, goblimon, shamamon, impmon, otamamon, betamon, gizamon, arkadimon, snowgoblimon, mushroomon, syakomon, keramon.

    wow, that's quite the selection. All the prefixes at first are kind of annoying though. I really do like BlackAgumon, also the gabumon line looks way cooler in black. Guilmon is pretty cool. Otamamon is pretty cute, and Betamon is cool too. I'm not a big fan of the others tbh. If I had to pick one, I'd choose BlackAgumon. It's my favorite agumon ever (except maybe SnowAgumon). Also it digivolves to Tyrannomon, a favorite of mine.
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    So I just retook the test and got Lawful Good and as I'm Water, I choose Penmon.

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