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Thread: Appmon 3DS Pre-Order Information

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    Appmon 3DS Pre-Order Information

    Since one of the pre-order bonus items is about to expire, thought I should make a thread to remind people to pre-order if they want to.

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    The game comes out on December 1st, 2016.

    First, we should probably clarify the differences between versions, and what niceties you can get for ordering the game...

    Everything comes with the 'first print' bonus if you get it before those run out.

    If you pre-order before 10/24 you also get a pre-order bonus.

    Amazon will also have an exclusive version of the 'pre-order bonus' version.

    The different bonus items are...

    First Print Bonus:
    Appmon Chip of a Super Rare Gatchmon
    SR DoGatchmon for the card game
    R Onmon, R Gatchmon, and SR Logimon for the card game

    Pre-Order Bonus:
    Limited Appmon chip of Onmon

    Amazon Bonus:
    QR code for a Gacha ticket (this is an in game item to get an Appmon.)
    QR code for a version up chip (this is an in game item that makes your Appmon stronger.)

    Some stores are listing the Pre-order bonus version as a separate item, most just have the game listed normally and if you get in before the cutoff you'll get it.

    Here are some pre-order links from various stores. The CDJapan link is an affiliate link that help the site.

    Amazon- First Print Bonus
    Amazon- First Print and Pre-Order Bonus
    Amazon- First Print, Pre-order, and Amazon Bonus

    Hopefully that helps people decide to pre-order if they want to, and early enough to get the extra bonus items.

    Thanks to Shikou for pointing out a pre-order thread would be helpful to people (and for the additional store links) and to garm for translation help.
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    Any news of a localized release, or will it stay in Japan?
    That would be more troublesome considering the 3ds region locking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlaDraChamp3 View Post
    Any news of a localized release, or will it stay in Japan?
    That would be more troublesome considering the 3ds region locking.
    No news yet... which also doesn't really tell us anything since it's not even out in Japan. And for Digimon games we're used to waiting half a year at the very least until a localization is happening (Next 0rder got one of the "faster" localization announcements in recent years and it still took quite a few months).
    Not to mention that for the entire Appmon project in general we don't know what the status is for any releases outside japan. All we know so far is that they'll feature appmon at a trade show... which is very minimal information.

    ...also, don't call me Igno.

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