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Thread: New Ultimate Digimon in Linkz

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    New Ultimate Digimon in Linkz

    Normally we don't post for random new Digimon, but since multiple people have messaged asking..

    Image Thumbnail

    The new issue of V-Jump shows off a new Ultimate Digimon (well... new in the sense that he hasn't shown up yet... we've seen a teaser for this specific Digimon in Linkz before.)

    This new mysterious Digimon will show up in a an update to Digimon Linkz soon.

    He's a big and fancy (and sort of creepy) dragon looking Digimon.

    Hopefully people translate the page and we see if there is any more information there.

    Thanks to the half dozen people who sent this including Shadow Shinji who was the first to send an image and to mubaraku3suigin as the original source of the image used (which seems far less cropped than most of the images.)
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    I'm going digital AmEv7Fam's Avatar
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    *dives into Home Screen screenshots and trailers*

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    Damn, no name yet! Looks like elements of Megidramon X, Dorbickmon, and Huanglongmon, plus all the various dragon Digimon that have axe-like tails.
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    It appears to be a wyvern, which I find interesting...I can't think of another wyvern-type dragon Digimon.

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    So that's the guy from the linkz teaser poster, that sure took a while (Hasn't it been over year already?).

    Now just from the colorless artwork people kinda got very attached to the idea that it would be Meicoomon's final evolution but looking at the new artwork... it doesn't seem to have too much in common with that line design or color wise....
    I'm still kinda hoping that it shows up in tri eventually, because with appmon being the big new thing, who knows when we will get our next fix of "classical Digimon" animation and I really wouldn't like it if that design joined the list of Digimon that premiered in video games and then mostly disappeared.

    I really like the design though. It's basically "only" a badass dragon but at the same time that means it's also not an overdesigned mess of armor. The base design is also somewhat "new"... I mean we had dragons with Two arms and two legs and wings (Coredramon, Examon etc), and dragons with no legs two arms and wings (Megidramon, Ouryomon etc) , and also dragons with no legs, and no arms and no wings (Airdramon) and of course dragons with no wings at all. However to my knowledge we never had a dragon Digimon with two legs, two wings but no arms. That kind of design scheme seemed to be exclusive to bird themed Digimon in the past, but not anymore, that's very exciting (I'm not even being too sarcastic here). So basically instead of a dragon it's more like a Wyvern... or in term of Digimon designs something between bird and a dragon, like a bragon, or a drird (I'll stick with Wyvern).

    Also if that texture resolution is what will be used in the game... that would make me really happy. That's definitely a model that I'll make available on the day it gets added to the game (or maybe earlier if possible lol).

    Edit: I got Ninja'd about the Wyvern thing. but at least I had fun counting wings arms and legs of every dragon Digimon...
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    Junior Commander Rohan's Avatar
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    Dragon Digimon are always a great thing in my book.

    Loving the design, and I too hope he shows up in Tri.

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    Completely digital Exodd's Avatar
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    Seems like something Volcdramon might evolve to. The tail looks like a crossbow to me.
    Cropped Digimon artwork and recolors/edits based on other official sources. Go ahead and use them for charts or whatever.

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    I'm a Maniac
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    Kind of an odd design for a new digimon, a little bit too realistic compared to what we are used to. Let's see what it lookslike in game.

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    I come from the net Shadow Shinji's Avatar
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    I have instantly fell in love with this amazing Dragon...

    On a side note, I've seen some users claiming that this disclosure may mean that Linkz will finally have its own Story Mode, since it's fairly common when a brand-new Digimon is announced in these kind of games (see Hackmon in Digimon Collectors or Aegiomon in Digimon Crusader). Does the magazine hint something about this?

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    I'm a Maniac Rosa's Avatar
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    Time for remove the dust to bluestack untill again realize how much grind i need for get a ultimate digimon.

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