Decided to make an archive of any Appmon related QR codes that show up, since they are necessary to do various things in this new piece of the Digimon franchise.

The majority of Appmon QR codes will come from Appmon chips, both normal ones, and special ones that come via various promotions, and are likely to show up in other places.

We will archive whatever we can get ahold of here.

If you have an image of an Appmon QR code (either photo or scan) along with (hopefully) an image and description of the product it is from, please post in this thread, PM me on the forum, or email me it at with 'Appmon QR' or something similar in the subject

The first two oddly do not do anything in the game or in other Appmon products that we know of.

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The first QR code is from a flyer given out at TGS. It links you to a webpage where you can get the free/lite version of the Appmon 3DS game early. Thanks to our friend Koushiro for making sure we had this as soon as possible so that everyone with a Japanese 3DS could get the demo.

Update- Replaced Koushiro's photo with a nice scan he did. I did minimal editing (put the images together, slight cropping, redid the black/white levels for clarity of the QR code, and resizing it to make it an acceptable size for the forum.)

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When you get to the webpage it has a Nintendo 3DS store QR code, which takes you to the lite version of the game, which at the original time of TGS, was not available in the store without using this special QR code. Update- This QR code is now being given out by Bandai/Appmon social media as a shortcut to get the game.

Various QR codes have shown up thus far at events, or even in trailers, but they are always degraded or covered to an extent to make them unscannable.

First actual QR Code from an Appmon chip that is good enough quality to be scannable...

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Appmon Chip CPG-001: This is a promotional Gatchmon that came with V-Jump and was likely the first Appmon chip officially released. The Gatchmon it gives you in the 3DS game has a high Social stat. Thanks to TheRyuujinMike for the QR code image.

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Appmon Chip B01-011: This is a normal release Viramon. He gets a social boost and starts at 'ver 3.0' (I admit I don't know what that means at the moment.) Thanks to Shinoryu for the QR code image.