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Thread: Need a little help (re)building my 486.

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    Likely either you fed it a disk that had a bit of dirt inside or the oxide on one disk gave up and flaked off and clogged the head. The drive won't be useable again until it is cleaned. There's a number of youtube videos on how to do this but the basics are you need some rubbing alcohol and a Qtip.

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    Well, broke down and got a floppy drive emulator.

    Managed to squeeze a spare (temp)160GB IDE HDD to tweak it to appear to the BIOS. Only works as half-gig (it does not like translation mode; don't know if it's a buggy implementation, or the shrunken HDD can't handle the protocols), but I still plan on getting the ISA SCSI card. Probably also a VLB video card as well.

    Still need to design a PS/2 ISA card, and figure out why the keyboard rail isn't delivering 5V. (I have a 5V wire leading to the mouse connector on the KVM right now. Slightly unsafe due to unfused connection, but it works for now.)

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