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Thread: 10th Anniversary of the modern With the Will

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shining Celebi View Post
    The old, old With the Will was mostly terrible and full of terrible, abrasive people (I did my part!), and one of the main reasons for its original popularity was Omnitor posting his """spoilers""". So I think we can safely conclude that the modern With the Will is much better. Only some of us are terrible, abrasive people and the worst thing we have is people insisting on spelling Digimon names in accordance with the official Engrish, not rantings about the Puppet Master or Neo Digimon that are taken as gospel "because Omnitor." Man, I remember when 99% of my posts on other sites were "STOP LISTENING TO OMNITOR FFS". Of course the one time we all tried it on With the Will, he locked the thread and Suzaku had to save the day. Then he ragequit, never to be seen again. We'll never know who Omnitor really was. Where he came from. Where he went.
    I remember Omnitor, I don't remember those spoilers though, and unless I'm remembering a different member, they were in Calgary at the time. I do remember the big hubbub when everyone thought Onmyou Taisenki was the new season of digimon at one point though since it was after Frontier finished and no new actual season had followed on like normal.

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    Ok that last part I remember. But yeah, spoilers on what could have been a very different Frontier.

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