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Thread: Are they doing Digimon Fusion Season 3?

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    Are they doing Digimon Fusion Season 3?

    Is there any news if they are going to dub Young Hunters. If there is already a thread about this please lock or merge, thanks.

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    Thus far Saban is choosing to skip it (or at the very least delay doing anything with it.)

    The Digimon brand in the USA and affiliated licensing territories at the moment just have the simulcast of tri. and Digimon Heroes (with Cyber Sleuth still being relatively recent also), along with various companies doing American releases of Japanese products (Megahouse figures mostly.)

    Changed the topic name to be more relevant to what you asked.
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    he means when Is digimon fusion season 3 coming out?

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    Marc knows what he means, and has answered the question.
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