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Thread: Favorite or funniest lines from the Digimon dubs.

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    Favorite or funniest lines from the Digimon dubs.

    I don't know why but til this day there are lines from the English dub that I'll randomly quote or that I'll randomly remember and laugh. One is from Adventure 02 (I believe it may have been episode 39) where Gennai is talking about changing the borders of the Digital World, because if the general public found out about the Digital World, the Digimon would end up playing calapsyo music and serve fu fu drinks. Another one is Guilmon from Tamers in episode 7, saying something to Takato about ice skating on sausages. My favorite line however, is in episode 23 of Adventure, when Joe is in the restaurant paying for his food, and he sees one of the Digimon paying with dollar bills, and he replies with "Dollar bills umm all I have are Digi-Dollars", that exchange of dialogue was hilarious to me. I'm sure there a lot more.

    Are there any memorable lines from the dub, that you remember?
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    Episode one of Adventure. I may not have the words exactly right, but Tai was talking about all the strange weather events around the world and he said "Places were flooded with rivers like chocolate sauce!"
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    I'm not sure if I should count this since the scene was already meant to be funny in the Japanese version (or at least I sincerely hope it was), but Izzy's reaction to the Angewomon v. LadyDevimon catfight.

    "I know I shouldn't watch, but I can't take my eyes off."

    The best lines were probably in part 2 of the movie. The million-yen chocolate and the subsequent "paper or plastic", Tai's mom's cooking and pretty much everything out of the old folks at the barber shop where Matt and TK are.

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    Yamaki's "The bagels were day old?" in Episode 43 of Tamers, when he and Riley find Takato and the others at the family bakery, stands out to me 15 years later as one of the most hysterical dub lines, mostly due to Steven Blum's excellent delivery.
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    I absolutely can't stand the English dub that many of us grew up with. I feel like it completely ruined certain important moments and turned everything into one big joke. I appreciate it for what it accomplished, but after watching the shows in Japanese, I could never go back.

    That said...I'm glad this thread exists, because while I can't stand to watch the dub anymore, some of those lines were downright hilarious!

    My favorites include this from a later episode of Adventure 02: "We interrupt the Power Rangers Arbor Day Marathon to bring you this breaking news..." (paraphrasing)

    There's also a moment from the Hurricane Touchdown portion of "Digimon the Movie" in which V-mon evolves into Lighdramon (well, I guess I should say Veemon evolves into Raidramon) and Wallace/Willis just goes "Couldn't you have just done that before?" As in, instead of hitchhiking. :P I always loved it when the dub poked fun at the original script in terms of logic or plot progression.

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    Do ones that are unintentionally funny count?

    Because Garudamon's really feeling it in this scene.

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    Almost everything Metalseadramon says should be a meme.

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    "Did you see that?!"
    "No, I was sleeping..."
    "But you're DRIVING!!!"
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    a line from adventure 2 that stuck with me:

    Davis (of course): "we'll have one eye on the digital world, one eye on the real world, and one eye on each other!"

    Azulongmon then says something to the effect of "you really are a special one, Davis"
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    For however much the dub gets bashed on for inserting humor in the wrong places (which it really did do a lot), there are a lot of memorable and funny lines. Mummymon had his share in 02, though the duo sort of were played like Digimon's Team Rocket at times anyways. Perusing videos, I mean my detailed memory banks, I've put together a few that I find funny in some way. I'm definitely missing the really funny stuff since these are only from funny moment montages.

    "Oh, yeah? Well, I'm metal, and you're wood. Whatever you say bounces off of me and splits you in half." — MetalEtemon, to Puppetmon

    "Chew on this" — Piedmon
    "I'm not hungry." — MagnaAngemon

    "You used to love trying to destroy the Digi-Destined. It was your favorite thing next to putting holes in kids' Christmas stockings." — Wormmon
    "Bwagh, humbug!" — Ken

    "My name is the Digimon Emperor." — Ken
    "So, now you don't want to be called Ken, huh? Alright, then, how's Kenny or Kenneth?" — Davis

    "You're ready for a fight now, too, aren't ya? Let's go!" — Ken, to MetalGreymon as if it were a playful puppy

    "Digi-what? It must have been something I pressed… Hrm? Come on! Digivolution start! Operation: turn me into a Digimon!" — Takuya

    "Koji's playing with toys!" — Tommy and Takuya, sing-song

    " Are those supposed to be hamburgers?" — Bokomon
    "I think I saw one move!" — Neemon, repeating what everyone at my undergrad said about the caf's burgers

    "… and then I topped it all off with some sardines and peanut butter!" — Takuya
    "My sauce is made from pureed squid and white chocolate!" — Koji, from the World's Worst Cookbook

    "Rats, I left my Digimon: The Movie CD in there." — Rockna, Mon Colle Knights (bonus)

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