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Thread: Wada Kouji Has Passed Away

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    Wada Kouji Has Passed Away

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    Wada Kouji, beloved singer and songwriter who has been with the Digimon franchise since Digimon Adventure began has passed away Oricon is reporting.

    It's reported that he passed away due to complications from his various bouts with cancer.

    He passed April 3rd.

    While the funeral was private, there will be a public event in Tokyo later in April.

    His various most well known songs were of course, many themes and insert songs from every single bit of the Digimon franchise. He had songs in every anime series the franchise had, and of course, did new versions of Butter-Fly and Seven for tri. part 2. Fans know he did many other songs, including the themesong to Transformers: Car Robots. I'll let everyone comment on songs themselves rather than me just listing them off.

    He was well known to happily travel to fan conventions around the world when invited.

    He was 42 years old.
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    And of course the site was itself named after a Wada Kouji song.

    I know many people likely would have preferred I write a longer news post, with more details about his battle with cancer (which he fought off twice.) I decided to go a bit shorter since over the coming days we are likely going to talk about this a lot, and something a bit shorter would likely be better for the news post.
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    I am Justice Vande's Avatar
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    RIP I am currently crying while waiting for my tram...thank you for the Digimon music. Touched many of our lives. Digimon will not be the same without you.

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    I'm going digital Emperordramon's Avatar
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    Oh man... He had a beautiful voice, and was a great person, he will be missed dearly. Hirari, the second opening of Savers is my favorite of his songs.

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    I come from the net Angel-kun's Avatar
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    This is so sad.... i could take me a photo with him when he came to Mexico... : (

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    Ain't got no mojo... Ketchup17's Avatar
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    I'm at a loss. He IS Digimon music...

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    Two Digimon singers in one year....first Paul Gordon and now the legendary Wada Kouji...

    You will be missed....and your songs will always be remembered.

    R.I.P., Wada Kouji....you can now soar to your own endless dreams on butter-fly wings...

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    I'm going digital Lucifer Angel's Avatar
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    That is really sad to hear I enjoyed listening to his songs.

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    Completely digital wildwing64's Avatar
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    Sad news to wake up to this morning.

    R.I.P. Wada Kouji, thank you for everything.

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    Ain't got no mojo... KerisSiber's Avatar
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    RIP Koji Wada... you are one of the singer give me goosebump when ever i heard his hirari and butter-fly since kids... i cant explain why...but it feel have soul and being put "love" into it....... T.T

    man there's 2 important musician figure in digimon adventure us and japan left us...T.T

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