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Thread: 3D Models from Digimon Linkz (and by extension Cyber Sleuth and Next 0rder)

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    3D Models

    Tried to Open Models in blender so i could work on animating some stuff but the bones where tiny and all over the place unlike the post of Kentaurusmon where everything was the right size, any advice?

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    Jazamon line!

    The Jazamon line was added to Linkz and in a somewhat surprising move, considering how long other models have remained unused, the line was added in one swoop not a single day before being made available in the game itself.

    Design wise the line is a bit too monotonous for my taste, both in respect to its similarity to the Vobomon line (which is of course intentional but a bit more contrast wouldn't have hurt) as well as the identical color scheme across all of the forms (and even the aforementioned Volcanicdramon line kind of varied its red and yellow tones). As standalone designs I do still Like Jazamon and Jazarikmon the most though.

    The models look nice enough across the board, textures are 512px resolution, which is a bit of a letdown, at least in Metallicdramon's case as his counterpart Volcanicdramon got one of the higher res textures in the game.

    ...Also, since it was about time, the contents of the main archive have been updated. Now containing everything up to the newest version, the Digimon added in this batch are (in semi-random order):

    • Jazamon
    • Jazadomon
    • Jazarikmon
    • Metallicdramon
    • Jesmon X
    • Lilithmon (mutation)
    • Apocalymon
    • Beelzebumon X
    • Craniummon X
    • Sleipmon X
    • Ouryumon
    • Hisyaryumon
    • Ginryumon
    • Ryudamon
    • Beelzebumon Blast Mode
    • Lucemon SM (Mutation)
    • CresGarurumon
    • BlitzGreymon
    • AncientGarurumon
    • Ophanimon Falldown Mode
    • Herissmon (*not technically in Linkz but whatever)
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    I was wondering if you were going to be able to get these boys.


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    Theigno, would you like decrypted assets from ReArise?

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