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Thread: The 02 chosen children in Digimon Adventure Tri

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    The relationship chart on the official tri. website didn't label him as gennai, so we may know a little more about the situation than Homeostasis and its henchmen. Real Gennai could be the first victim of this new dark force, the other victims being 02 kids.

    Quote Originally Posted by shaikgb View Post
    but yggdrasil can be controlled or be corrupted there is a chance that something happened to him and he doesn't care about the safety of the digital world and try to destroy anyone that is trying to protect it like the 02 kids
    It is not what the mysterious man believed about Yggdrasil in part 4. It seems to be really concerned about digimon and probably the digital world itself.

    But the main reason for me not to believe that Yggdrasil is the big bad is that it was not mentioned that much in the series while the mysterious man is always out there from second episode on, each time causing a huge surprise. His first appearance as the kaiser was a big surprise at the time. Then he turned out to be Gennai! A odd revelation. Not long after that, the official data showed that the dark Gennai can be as fake as the tri. Kaiser himself and the mystery remained still. In loss, he was shown to have complete control over two members of dark masters as long as magical powers. BUT what made me really surprised was his specific role in coexistence. He didn't make any contact with Alphamon at all, he was always hanging upside-down, he could observe Hikari's internal conflicts, and he was satisfied with Homeostasis' stupidity. The way he manipulated Homeostasis was awesome. He made Meicoomon go berserk. This caused Homeostasis to attack her directly using Jesmon, and the attack made her more terrified resulting in her evolution to Raguelmon. Mysterious man simply tricked Homeostasis and abused its powers to get close to his own goals. So I can't be sure the same thing doesn't go for Yggdrasil and Alphamon as well. Homeostasis was tricked when the balance was going to vanish, Yggdrasil can also be easily tricked if it see the digital word under a faked threat. It seems that both Homeostasis and Yggdrasil are single-minded idiots who can't analyze all aspects of a problem.

    However, no matter who the mysterious man really is, I think the Kaiser and the Gennai are both fake avatars.
    Just like the previous post, lots of speculations though.
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    An article in portuguese strangely claims that it was confirmed that a sequel for Tamers will be done after Tri. ends.
    Is this confirmation true or one of the many recent false confirmations invented by fans that Marc mentioned?
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    Invented by fans...aka it's a load of bull.

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    Edited the link out of your post, we don't need to give traffic to clickbaiters who make things up.
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