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Thread: Digimon Xros Wars/Fusion: Anime vs Manga

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    I can't be bothered reading all of you guys' posts, but I'm gonna go with the manga on this one. I mean the anime was good, but it was agreeably disjointed at some parts. I'm basing this on Xros Wars by the way, not fusion, and there is a very big difference. I love the way they both separately imagine the digital world, but that's the thing is the anime was maybe a bit too imaginative? I'm not gonna lie I was confused. And the way it deals with time and all. Whereas the manga fucks with time on a completely different spectrum to the anime, I found the manga to ultimately pull it off better with the Xros Loader loop and whatnot. But yeah, the manga was super pervy compared to the anime I'll concede that.

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    From what I hear, Taiki isn't that much of a Gary Stu in the manga compared to the anime.

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    Yeah he isn't, he's abit more tamed and his backstory is abit more fleshed out.

    also the Royal Knights are good guys in the manga UlforceVeedramon is ZeroMaru

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    Am I the only one who likes the anime more? I felt Nene and Yuu's bond was done a lot stronger than Nene and Kotone to be honest and the characters were much more interesting in the anime. Taiki and Nene's scene with wanting to get rid of the sadness together was a gem. I loved the Death Generals arc because you could feel there really was a war going on and Kiriha became likeable plus the fact that Yuu did everything in his own will was an amazing part of the arc. Maybe it's just me but I do prefer the anime although Kotone was a cool character.

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    I've never actually watched Fusion so I don't have a point of comparison.

    But Xros Wars was the best thing since V-Tamer. And that includes V-Tamer itself. My only gripe about it was that it was only 22 chapters long.

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