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Thread: Digimon Protectors - The Highton View Terrace Incident (Chapters 1-15)

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    The Railius and Cyrismon battle wasn't like anything I had ever seen, mythical in speed and intensity. The two of them rushing around faster than any sprinter could achieve even in the shortest dashes and they were throwing sword strikes at each other at the same time. Out of nowhere Railius threw basketball sized black energized blasts that when hitting anything punched holes right through concrete. Cyrismon missed a slash and cut straight through the middle AC unit that slid off a solid piece onto the ground, rolling and then down the fire hole in the middle of the roof. I edged closer but the orbit the two were moving and at the speed this was trying to get close to a tornado made of barb wire and fire. I couldn't get close enough, the few Darths left were swatted away by Cyrismon all on his own. I felt helpless for the moment, the two not coming near me so I stood back and kept a tense over watch but looked for an opening to land a shot on Railius. The a Darth tried to anticipate Cyrismon's trajectory, drawing a blade back to drive it through his back plate. I shifted my aim over and unloaded the rest of my magazine, each shot driving him back until he took a tumble off the side of the building.

    I reloaded my last magazine, a glance at my watch seeing only three minutes had passed. My gun up I keep scanning for other threats as Cyrismon seemed to get the upper hand on the Darth leader, using his sword to cut through a blast and catch him by the neck with his paw. Twisting around Cyrismon whipped the Darth like a baseball and right into the further AC unit. Railius caved in half of the machine, parts bursting out the back as he pulled himself free of the twisted metal around his arms. Cyrismon dashed forward right over the burning flames to pin the Darth with his sword into the remains of the metal box. The Darth was quick, rolling under the strike and lept backwards, his body trailing black smoke in his move seemingly boosting his speed and bringing him to a stop. My opening came up, my gun aimed as he forgot completely about me and I was going to make him pay for it. Cyrismon let go of his sword, drawing both his shorter daggers off his chest with pure fury in his eyes, crossing them over as they raged fire off the honed edges. 'VENGFUL...' He summoned as he turned to Railius.

    My sites came up to the back of Railus's head when I spotted something Cyrismon didn't, two Darths emerge from both sides of him! So focused the Digimon was on Railius that his situational awareness all but gone to maintain his lock on attention to the Darth leader. One was mid leap the other was swinging a knife down at him from behind. A yell wouldn't cut it, only an action. Only one choice. The range was almost at its extreme but it didn't stop me. My aim came off Railius, my vision closed in at the Darth to Cyrismon's left. Two shots. The Darth pitched to the side and slammed into the crumpled AC unit. I swung my aim past Railius's turning head when he saw me. Two more rounds fired. The Darth to Cyrismon's right detonated into nothing. Railius saw my aim swing back at him, the surprise I hadn't shot him but flinching out of my sight picture. 'DAGGARS!' Cyrismon finished and threw his arms out with a blast of orange.


    Before I could move I was kicked right off my feet when my eyes only caught a glimps of nearly a dozen trails of bright orange light that remained in my vision. The force was enough I could feel my chest cavity compress in, only surpassed when my back resoundingly hit the back of the AC Unit I first hid behind so hard my head dented the metal. My pistol and digital knife went flying off as I sunk a little more down the metal. Pain started to register, real pain this time. Not the dull burn but the scorching nervous system short circuiting levels of affliction. Looking down with a lowering head I saw what had been done. Sticking out of my left shoulder, my stomach and my right leg were three kuni style knives that were sizzling in place. My vest was punctured, the blades passed through all the way down to the handle in each. I could barely breath, my left arm wouldn't raise up at the shoulder and my right leg failed to support my weight. I fell to a knee, the electrical shocks of unbearable anguish in my burning skin and punctured muscles. I looked up and realized everyone still standing had paused.

    Cyrismon's face was nothing but abject shocked horror across his face, arms up in the same position as he was realizing what he had just done. I looked back with a grim grimace of bared teeth as I struggled to breath now. Railius was surprised, looking between both me and Cyrismon. His sword came up to point at me, a ruthless smile at me before looking at the Digimon. 'Now...that is hysterical.' The remaining Darth admitted.

    Railius struck back at Cyrismon, throwing his arm forward with the same kind of blast he threw at me in the basement but this one was faster.. The fighter Digimon snapped out of it too late, arms up as if to block but the impact was absolute. Cyrismon was blanked out, the AC unit erupted and a full column of the blackened smoke shot up into the air as if it was a bomb itself. When the blast cleared, the AC unit, most of that corner of the roof and Cyrismon were gone. Just like that, I was now on the roof alone.

    I heard Railius start to laugh, I knew it was at me. Blood was starting to seep out of my wounds...the knives fell out? I saw one of them slowly digitize off into nothing leaving the gaping hole in my leg. It was pool red into the gravel. Emergency calculations were going off in my mind, knowing how long in your mind in a second how I had left. Maybe two minutes before unconscious, twenty before dead. Maybe a minute remained in that upload. That's all that mattered.

    I rose my head with a fit of cough to see Railius looking pleased with himself, looking around with his arms out. 'You're a terrible house guest.' Railius remarked, 'But I will say you are effective.'

    Railius grabbed onto my vest and I was airborne in a whip sideways. I hit the ground, skipping once and slammed legs first into an air duct. I whipped over it as I caved in the side, rolling onto my stomach and getting up on my elbows. I got my hand on my spare knife, lashing out as I heard the gravel crushed under his metal boots get close enough. I almost landed the strike as Railius came over, swatting the strike away with a flick of his sword. The knife severed in two as I stumbled backwards but he was right up and over the duct, grabbed me with both hands and tossed me again. Smiling the whole time, he lifted me right off the ground with both hands. 'You don't seem to understand.' He spat at me, 'You failed.'

    Railius without any effort on his part threw me parallel to the ground and my face smashed first into the metal duct before the rest of me did. I felt my nose pop and my right shoulder nearly dislocate as I tumbled along the ground deflecting off the bent metal. When I came to a stop, my chest was so heavy to me I could barely breath anymore, like trying to inhale air through a gravel packed snorkel. When my eyes came up I saw where my hand was. A foot away from Gennai's knife, my left hand slowly getting around. I rolled onto my side bringing my arm in behind my back just as Railius retrieved me from the ground. I brought both my hands up to his wrists as he gripped into the back of my vest's collar. 'You didn't stop all my followers from leaving an hour ago.' Railius brought me right to his nose, 'Your world's armies are about to be cut at the knees and you came after me? Are you really that stupid?'

    Railius then whipped me along the ground, a splitting wave of gravel in my wake before I hit the low wall with another harsh thud. My vision was almost gone, a few twitching coughs were all I could muster. I took a hard blink and saw my pistol just out of arms reach. I crawled a few inches and got my hand around the pistol and a boot came right down on top of it. I screamed through my teeth as I felt my right hand suddenly pop in several places and Railius kicked the pistol away to show my fingers were mangled and my hand distorted. I got kicked in the ribs, this time I felt them snap as I was forced into the fetal position. The tip of his sword came under my chin and made me look up at him shaking a finger at me. 'No more Archer.' Railus dug it under my chin, 'Time's up.'

    I complied, my right hand shooting lighting up from the tips all the way up my arm, I used my left to get to my feet. Railius was relishing this. I just gave him the same look I did the night before, furious disdain as I breathed heavily. 'Still...no fear just like a ghost is already dead.' Railus remarked in an admirable tone, 'You walked right into my den all just to get to me?'

    In that moment, I couldn't help but smile even though it was just bloody red stains across from them. I even started to laugh, sputtering blood out as I did. Railius wasn't so impressed, the confounded eyes narrowed. Was he that conceited? 'What's so funny?' He demanded with a poke to my neck.

    'You though this was about you?' I answered shaking my head, 'I couldn't have cared less about you.'

    'Oh really now?' He jabbed the sword in and backed me right to the edge.

    'Your plan was pretty smart.' I gave him as my legs were on the verge of giving out, 'Would have done the same thing...but your plan's linchpin was something I just took away.'

    A beeping came to our left, the far corner as we both looked over at the same moment. The laptop was sitting there, toning away as the counter was at zero. Finally seen to the end, the black lettering on the solid white background blinked 'UPLOAD COMPLETED. MESSAGE(S) SENT' right there for Railius to see. 'Surprise.' I finished as he walked over to the laptop.

    The Darth retrieved the laptop from the ground looking at it with it in one hand. 'You're whole plan depended on that.' I said using my left hand to get my cigarette pack out, 'Now my side has a fair chance to fight back.'

    Railius's smile had gone and was replaced with complete frenzied anger, taking his sword and slashing into the laptop and rupturing it into nothing but steaming components. I pulled the last smoke out with my bloody lips, the lighter right behind it as I lit it taking the first drag off it as Railius turned to me again with black fire in his eyes. 'You shouldn't let things like me run around.' I reminded him of his own words when we first met.

    I knew what was coming, this could only end one way. Railius swooped forward and in a flash of black steel I felt my entire chest make a series of audible crunches. There was no pain to register since the intensity was so high it became like white noise and sudden numbness through my entire torso. I felt a solid strip of something through everything. The throbbing in my entire body stopped, my feet lifted off the ground for a moment. I didn't feel any thudding in my neck or body. My heart stopped. A glance down saw Railius's sword was buried almost to the hilt in my chest where my heart would be. Railius grabbed the back of my head with his fist, lips to my ear. 'No one remembers a ghost.' I heard him whispered with contempt.

    My left arm had found its way behind my back, grabbed Gennai's blade by the handle with whatever strength I had. 'You'll remember...' I breathed my last, 'and that's all that matters!'

    My arm sprang up from my side and drove it into Railius's chest, dragging up right through the side of his body and up as he realized he got stuck. The sword in my chest came back out, a shower of blood, bones and flesh chunks followed it as he tried to recoil away. The knife only made it up to his head, glancing off his cheek and then right over his left eye as he spiraled away clutching his face. I let out a long roar standing there, fists out to the side as my body drained itself, my lungs emptied in the single act of defiance as my body gave out.

    Everything went limp, my arms falling down and my legs just gave out. I fell limply off the roof, ass hitting it as the world went around and round and cut through the billowing smoke of the building. The world spun, the sky stayed and I hit the water as sounds were barely above mute as I sunk deeper away. Murky water...couldn't see...in dark...light....
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    Alright everyone we have made it over fifteen chapters in, creeping closer to 9,000 views and we are about a halfway through the story. I'd like to thank all of you for the views you have given, the feedback you'd sent me and all that fun stuff. I got a lot more coming up to write and I really want to make the best story for your time spent reading what I manage to scribble down. I'd like to hear what you guys and girls think of the story so far, it would mean a lot to me!

    Thanks again for all the likes and excellent rating!
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    CH-17 Wait In Time


    This day this world will fall to me alone, even if there was resistance I could never expect but the result in my view will be the same. The outcome I will make. The result I will conjure with pure will alone. It will me standing among the remains of this world and sifting my fingers in its ruins to rise my vision. No matter who stands in my way it will be even if I am standing alone at the top of the rubble. Whatever remains, whoever crawls out of the dust to beg for respite from what I will unleash further when I prevail will not survive unless their devotion is proven to my liking. Maybe I'll make them fight it out among cities, see who becomes the top of the vermin to serve me. With my legacy returned after I pry it from what remains of The Order, I will reign supreme. The struggle was more than I expected, from a human who just complicated things for me and one I couldn't understand his very existence.

    Archer. What a surprise he turned out to be. It couldn't believe a human like him could cause me problems or raise the ire of Daemon like he did. How could I? A human is frail, weak willed and minded. They can be manipulated so easily. They can be wooed with positions of power over their common man, meaningless rewards and accolades. Archer wasn't anything this. How dare he think he was a rival to me? I wish I could kill him over again but take my time driving my still bloody sword through his body. Who he was wasn't without its appreciation. The level of destruction, the cold contempt to his enemies, the absolute conviction to prevent my ascent resulted in my very hallways soaked in the blood of my programmed pawns. Just the path of bodies where he had travelled didn't infuriate me, it made me an admirer in a odd way. Imagine if I had coerced him instead of Gennai? The sheer force of will would have made my whole plan achievable with ruthless efficiency. It made me even more question Gennai's sudden fluctuation of standards for what he would call a hero to his side. Cyrismon I could understand, a shadow cloaked avenger with revenge on his mind. Archer's motivation was alien to me, what did he even accomplish? The gash up my side and my left eye carved out of my head beyond my healing ability aside, leaving me to rap it over with a crude cloth bandage was just a peppermint reminder of him. I was fortunate he didn't hit anything important. Still had to crawl off the roof and disappear into the smoke, remaining here on this roof until now forceably healing my wound. Wasn't going to get the eye back for a very long time, if ever. Even under all that, Archer claimed he did was give his side a fair chance as he called it.

    Fair chance? Did Archer know what forces he'd be facing? The utter destruction a force of darkness would provide me when the gate opened tonight, a time soon approaching would be unlike anything his ilk ever experienced. Even with a weapon from Gennai, all he could do was snuff out some of my followers and my own projected Darths. It was the one thing that did vex me more than anything, creating Darths was a strenuous endeavour of my unyielding power so that it was. They were rough copies of my self anyway, needing to sap the energy from other victims or through violent experience. They were mere quarter minded living shadows of who we Darths really were. Shame most of my followers found themselves wiped out but when the Dark Ocean opens to this world, the overwhelming wave will wash this world ino black void of black cloaks and corroded steel. Whatever Archer did he would do no more, I saw to his end and thus completed my task to Daemon. Now it was only a waiting game. 'Do you know what you have done?' Daemon's voice came from behind me.

    I knew this was coming, the casting off both of our deceptions towards each other. This was always a marriage of convenient alliance. We both had what the other wanted. We both knew it was going t be a battle of who would get the most out of our arrangement. Both of us would work against the other in ways. I tuned to see Daemon flying above my head, looking up at hi with my one good eye left with my arms out, the mural of smoke and setting sun behind. 'Not exactly what I ha in mind.' I admitted gesturing to the remains of my building, 'But the desired outcome still came to be s I don't know---.'

    Before I even got that out, Daemon descended upon me and both of his claws were around my neck. Clenching in he lifted me again like small child and drove me down into the ground wth a heavy crunch into the half wall, collapsing in the cement with my back an pinned me into t. The eyes flared furry and I could see for the first time the gleam of sharpened thick teeth from his mouth. 'Have you lost your mind Railius?' The Mastermind of Darkness demanded,'You worked behind my back to find the DigiDestined and now you have sent this word into panic? Remind me why I shouldn't kill you for this!'

    'Because you would have killed me if you didn't still need me.' I answered back with a grin under the pressure, 'And you should thank me for making tonight that much easier for you.'

    'Easier?!' Daemon lifted me up off the ground.

    I was ripped over his head and back into the ground hard enough to cave in the roof below me, a dull thudding in my back starting up but nothing I couldn't ignore. I still gripped onto his wrists pulling to keep the pressure off. 'You have set this city into a panic!' Daemon ground me into the ground, 'A building explodes and you think this won't--'

    'All the children you're looking for will be at home.' I leaned my head forward over his hands, 'The city like all the rest has declared a state of emergency. Everyone will be expected to be in their homes before sun down. I just guaranteed that everyone you're looking for will be where they are suppose to be regardless of our actions.'

    Daemon paused in his third thrashing, now he was listening. 'This was a distraction to make sure no one will be there to stop us in any way.' I educated him, 'All those people like Archer will be too busy putting out fires and picking up the pieces, far away from where we will strike our blow. Bet you didn't think about that did you?'

    Daemon leaned back for a moment, using those words like he did to me. Slowly he let go before letting me roughly drop back to the ground, feet upon the roof now as he turned to the smoking remains of my den of plotting. I got back up slowly, brushing myself off as I smiled away that I had gotten one up on the so called Mastermind of Darkness. 'Let us not deceive each other Daemon something like this was bound to happen somewhere.' I continued to smooth over with him, 'We changed the past the moment we arrived. All I did was guide events back to their mostly intended place. What more do you want?'

    'Complete annihilation of them.' Daemon turned back, 'Even if one DigiDestined is left alive tonight it is a threat to any future plans.'

    'Do you take me for a fool?' I countered almost offended, 'I know how the Order, the Four Guardians and Gennai want this to end. I saw it just as much as you did. The Dark Masters picked off one by one? MayloMyiotismon in all his glory swatted like a fly by their power? I want them gone as much as you!'

    That may have been the truth a few hours ago but thanks to Owikawa, it was going to be my finial leverage over this Demon Digimon once and for all. Daemon still bore his eyes into me, myself mirroring his look being his equal even if I had only one eye left to stare with. 'You think this is just about the human world?' Daemon scoffed at me, 'You cannot take over the Order or the Digimon Masters without my army I'm raising on our world'

    'And you won't ever take this world so long as any DigiDestined breaths.' I reminded him dangerously, 'We both need each other to see our dreams come true.'

    'So it seems now.' Daemon conceeded.

    We both knew what that meant. We needed each other for the moment. When it was done, who knew who would strike first but both of us would have our own fight for dominance. It was the way of darkness, only one to rule with the hands crushing both worlds. Only one was allowed to cast the shadow while others groveled in it. 'Did you correct the problem at least?' Daemon changed the subject, 'Please tell me he didn't leave you with that and lived.'

    I rubbed the gorged out socket from atop the bandage as a sore reminder of that fight. 'You were right to say I underestimated him.' I stroked his ego to back him 'I cut him and Cyrismon down in the end. 'All of Gennai's allies here on Earth are gone. Nothing left to do but wait.'

    Daemon gave a stiff one note laugh crossing his arms in. 'At least you did that.' Daemon conceded back, 'Where is his body?'

    'Body?' I questioned, 'I ran him through and then he fell off the roof into the bay.'

    'Where is his body?' Daemon pushed me with a step, 'I want to see it myself.''

    'Then take a swim.' I insisted with a point, 'I heard the splash even with my eye gouged out in his last act of defiance.'

    Daemon rose his head up in question and then away to the towering smoke. 'Last act?' He postulated slowly in his mind.

    'You worry too much for a Mega level Daemon.' I laughed, 'Even Gennai can't bring a human back from the dead.'
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    Ch-18 Courage Rising

    Courage Rising

    Of all the things I had hoped for today, I wished for the violence to end before the event of tonight. Before all of this I had no way of making that happen by any means at my disposal. Cyrismon may have been one who was willing to help on the side but would never harm a human being. It wasn't until I met Archer I had any options, even if his methods were for a lack of better word unnerving.

    I wasn't a fool. Violence was something that would come in the wake of any dark force of the Digital World like Railius and Daemon. Both the sinister and sickening beings corrupted by everything twisted and wrong from my world. I had scoured the worlds for answers and in a simple moment of kindness and reaction I indeed found my only means of countering human compatriots of Railius. I had believed before I met Archer that human soldiers were these noble and honourable beings like our own warriors of the Digital World. Archer was honorable but his methods were far from pristine. The veteran solider was effective but destructive. Decisive but cold. Focused but fierce. When finding that alley of bodies and now the long walk down the hallway of absolute death with the still echoing death rattles when I made my way down to this basement chilled me to my core of what Archer could do. That changed when I came to meet the Digimon in the basement.

    I had completely expected Archer to wade through or at least contribute to the one single answer he had given so far to most of his obstacles; destroy them with no qualms. When I came to this open parking lot with weapons and even a few more human bodies, I saw the Digimon who had up until this point worked alongside Railius had now switched sides. I was known just as much as Railius was and Digimon knew who was a true member of The Order when they saw one. We weren't as high profile as a DigiDestined, more like your world's Tibetan monks if you want a reasonable comparison. The big difference was we were more arbitrators between other Digimon and the powers that be in their eyes. I had to keep reminding myself that this was my past and their present, hard to remember it at times even for me. The Lynxmon were a surprise to me furthermore, originally I thought Railius was more convincing for such powerful creatures than I thought but when they told me it was because of Archer I was stunned. He got the Darth's to admit their deception and stood against them in a courageous way that allowed them to Digivolve? I tried to think about how that was possible when I heard all the commotion from the hallway in the back come to a very violent end. I knew Archer was back there, I knew that was where his goal would have been and the Lynxmon did mention he had gone down there to finish what he started.

    I had maintained the portal I used to travel between both the boarder world where the Digimon Masters were and the real world. Because the gate to the Digital World was closed off for the most part save the most powerful creatures who could manipulate the gate through sheer will alone. I had to go to their plane first before I went to the Digital World. It was also the reason I did not want to find myself anywhere Railius may have control. My death was what he wanted but it was also the Seal around my neck which opened the portal in the first place. The Seal Of The Order was my only way to get to the Digimon Masters. If Railius got this, he could attack them at will at anytime and I could not let that happen. As it was formed you could see through it to the very temple where the Masters resided and the Lynxmon were just lining up to see where they were going. 'So you're bringing us to the Temple of The Master Digimon?' The head Lynxmon asked seeing what lay beyond the veil of dimension. 'I mean, for real we get to meet the Digimon Masters?'

    There were times when I forgot there was a point where the myths of the Digimon Masters ran through the minds of every Digimon in the DIgital World but once again I had to remember this was their present and as well as my past. It brought a smile to my face as I nodded. 'I am sure at least one of them will be happy to meet you.' I tried to soften the blow, 'I don't know what Yamatomon will do but I'm sure he won't be cross with you at least. Just make sure when you are there be as respectful as you can.'

    I heard footsteps behind me coming from the hallway that was darkened from the low lighting and what I expected was the same man I saw in the alley way when he drew the attackers away from Matt and TK's father. The cold expression, the enraged aggression just under the surface with a bitter sneer. That isn't who I saw this time. The energy was more passive like an amalgamation of faint fading coal embers dying, light cigarette in his mouth as he walked with his only his backpack over his shoulders. Archer's jacket was missing and was down to his holsters and armored vest, weary looking and quiet self resentment. Looking up at all of us the human solider came to a stop seeing the portal, eyes wide for the moment as he flicked away an ash. Archer bypassed the very sight of it to look to me as the eyes of the Lynxmon pride lit up seeing him appear. He pushed a smile up his face and gave a a nod to all of us, the sheer exhaustion I could feel seeping energy out of me due to it. 'Their network is done for good .' Archer spoke up roughly, 'I got all of Railius's plans.'

    I took a huge sigh of relief at that, the nightmare of that kind of search program no longer active. Still the information was in Railius's hands but Archer must have had a plan to counter it at this point with whatever he knew how to do so. I indicated the Lynxmon to head through the portal as I came up to Archer and gladly placed my hand on his shoulder. He didn't seem to mind, keeping that tired smile up. ''Archer I owe you so much!' I shook my head unable to know how he was able to do all this and live, 'I would have been here sooner to help but I can only open these portals to where I can see.'

    'Is the roof clear?' Archer pointed up as he kept walking, 'I got to send this off.'

    Up to this point, I had been risking Archer's life more than he knew. The danger he was actually in at this point now was more than anything previously he had faced. I had no options and only his conviction to his chosen livelihood was why he was helping in the first place. Yet against all odds and with skills I didn't know would work against Digimon or Darths he had prevailed. A phenomenal human being was right here in front of me and I needed the Digimon Masters to see that and him. Knowing that this would be breaking every rule I could think of I swallowed my own fears of reprisal for what I needed to suggest, no insist. 'Archer wait!' I reached out to him, 'Come with us! Railius will be here--'

    'This will only take a minute.' Archer brushed me aside.

    'You don't want to come with us?' One of the Lynxmon asked him sadly.

    Archer stopped in his march away and there was a shift in his demeanour that I didn't have to see his expression to note the change. He turned around with a conviction, a pretense I could actually feel from here that the Lynxmon had mentioned. That was a leader to emerge from behind those eyes darkened by combat and cynicism. 'I got to finish this.' Archer pointed to the ground, 'All of you helped me get this far but I got to carry this last part myself. I'll see you on the other side.'

    That look he gave, the stance and even the tone of his words stilled me for a second. The Lynxmon seemed to become invigorated if not a little disappointed the human wouldn't come with them now. I just ran through those words and what that could have meant. Wizardmon appeared from behind me without me even noticing. 'Tell the Dobermon that when you see them.' Archer gave a lazy salute to finish.

    'They didn't come back yet.' Another Lynxmon informed both Archer and me since I didn't see any Dobermon on my way down here.

    Archer's eyes rolled up and he gave out a silent curse in his head. 'I'll see if I find them on the way.' Archer quickly made his way to the door while Wizardmon ran after him.

    I turned to usher the Lynxmon into the portal but I was going to remain until Wizardmon was done speaking to Archer. I wasn't listening as I began to run through my head the long explanation and intense groveling I'd have to do to keep Yamatomon from causing a volcanic eruption somewhere in the Digital World. Archer finally left as the last Lynxmon slipped into the portal and vanished from the static image of the inside of the temple on the other side. This was an effect of the two worlds not being in sync with each other, time passing much slower compared. It was commonly one day in the Digital World was roughly one minute here so even a few seconds was roughly an hour. Wizardmon ran up after Archer made his way out the door, kneeling down to him with a smile. 'Are you hurt my friend?' I asked gingerly.

    Wizardmon shook his head, sadness bleeding through his very form as he looked up. 'I'm fine but I don't know if I will ever shake this feeling of guilt.' My friend answered, 'Datamon...he...he didn't make it.'

    I felt my heart sink through my stomach and through the Earth itself when he spoke those words, looking to the ground to watch it fall away. 'He begged Archer to spare him from Railius's wrath by--'

    There was a sudden outburst of gunfire from the hallway Archer just went down, Wizardmon and I jumped as the sharpened bangs went off. A Dobermon scrambled in a full dash out the door, panic across his eyes as he saw us and the portal. The Digimon didn't even wait to ask or wonder why one was there, he barrelled passed us as if the Dark Ocean had just opened up to swallow him up. 'Railius is here!' The four legged canine got out before blinking through the portal.

    I stood back up and drew my broadsword off my back in one long drag out and braced myself at the door as the gunfire was blanked out by a rumbling and roaring blast that ripped away the very light at the end of the hall with a hauntingly pale purple light in the licks of the flames. Following it with a shudder of the very building he wall off to the right exploded in a singular punched hole of the same coloured flames. That blast came from a Darth, that one was Railius. 'Wizardmon get out of here!' I ordered him, 'I'm going to end this now with Railius.'

    Wizardmon hesitated for a moment before he turned and rushed away through the escape portal I was still maintaining for him. This time I wasn't going to run away. This time I was going to make sure that Railius was going to pay for everything. Archer was standing in front of him this whole time, placed in this position on my behalf and never once complained about the odds in front of him. If he could do it and live, there wasn't a reason I could live with to not do the same. As I took my step forward, the world in front of me erupted into a blast of pure red flame that washed around the corner and barreled down the hallway at me in a focused inferno. Along the way the searing heat seemed to double in size with every deep eruption behind it. I didn't have time to even take a step backwards before it hit me right in the entirety of my body and ripped me from my feet. I hurtled backwards up and over and before I knew what came next I felt my head clang off something metallic and all became black.

    When I finally came to, I was looking up into a room made of dark sand stone blocks. My head was rapped up in something tight fitting to the side of my skull. I was on my back laying on a stone bed with a soft moss woven mattress under me, looking about with my vision still hazy it was in the Masters Temple I had awoken in. It was still the main hall way, the bed was just a raised section of stone with the mattress cobbled together with strings and pulled forest moss. Rolling over to my side, I saw Wizardmon was sitting crossed legged against the wall, hat pulled down over his eyes and snoring away. I sat up, still woozy and feeling the sizable bump just off my forehead giving a low groan. The moment I did Wizardmon gave a sharp snort coming back awake, stumbling up to my side. 'Gennai are you alright?' He quickly asked, 'What happened to you?'

    'I was blown backwards by an explosion of some kind?' I tried to guess, 'It wasn't from Railius, it was something else that exploded. What did I hit though?'

    'My chest plate.' I heard a heavy voice behind me.

    Looking back slowly, how did he manage to sneak up on me I'd never know, there stood Yamatomon with the fiery look of rage in his eyes looking down, breathing heavily through his snout down at me. Somewhere in the Digital World a volcano was erupting violently. Arms crossed, fists clenched tight enough to crush the entire temple as Wizardmon slowly backed up knowing his ire wasn't with him but not wanting to take whatever punishment I may still just receive. I had guessed he had held off because of my unconscious state and now he was resumed in his outrage of what I did. I could only nervously smile and flop sweat in place. 'I can explain.' I could only offer.

    'Wizardmon I can understand.' Yamatomon began through his teeth, 'He has earned his visitation for his actions for us. Cyrismon is a friend of the Masters, thus he is more than welcome.'

    Oh no, I braced myself leaning back as his words were getting louder with every word. 'But please enlighten me,' The towering Digimon took a deep breath in, 'TO WHY IN THE NAME OF THE CODE THERE ARE SIX RANDOM DIGIMON IN THE TEMPLE!'

    'They were trapped by Railius in the human world and I wanted to help them out.' I offered back.

    'Archer spared them.' Wizardmon cut in to help, 'I mentioned it a few days ago.'

    'Days?' I looked over, 'Wait how long have I been unconscious?'

    'Just about four days.' Yamatomon answered sternly, 'Giamon and Infimon have been helping---'

    I didn't even wait for an explanation of who was doing what, I was already up and even with my mind still washing over through my vision I had taken my large broadsword off the wall. 'Gennai where do you--'

    'Archer needs my help!' I reached up and gripped my seal around my neck, 'He was fighting Railius!'

    I put my hand forward summoned the portal, my mind slipping to the last mental image of the closest roof I could see and used. When the portal opened up fully, all I saw was smoke and flames as the warp in the dimensions solidified. Quickly, using all of my mental strength to picture another roof nearby. That one looked clear as I ran through because even with the time dilation difference I wasn't going to waste a moment here either. As I passed through, I saw what had become of merely four minutes difference in the terrifying reality I missed.

    The warehouse where Railius had his den of followers and madness was maybe five blocks away now, the high building I stood on overlooking the harbour area where the warehouse now burned. It was nothing but smoke all the way up into the sky itself and blackened the horizon all the way up as far as I could see. At the base floor around it was encircled by fire, churning out of every entrance door, window and even the cracks in the ground was spouting bright orange yellow wisps of inferno out of them. Looking down to the streets just where I was, the police who had surrounded the building before were now pushing the wall of onlookers back with all of their might as pieces of the building flew off following a piercing blast from inside what remained of the basement. Through the sirens and billowing smoke, my hearing picked up the distinct pops of gunfire coming from the roof. I couldn't see through it at all, a distinct ricochet a far off wall. I took a deep breath in, dashed forward and leapt off the roof.

    I soared off the first roof and onto the building below, bracing for a landing falling four stories down. Landing was harder, a normal human's legs would have shattered but mine remained firm enough all I needed was a roll and I was back to my---knees? My body wasn't fully recovered, skull swimming around under the flesh. My balance was off as my hand caught myself from planting my face into the roof. I heaved myself back to my feet, running with arms pumping hard with my claymore throwing off my balance even more. I tossed it back over my back using the leather strap now, coming to the edge of the roof and leaping with all of my strength, clearing the two hundred foot gap with my foot catching just the edge. Two more buildings blurred pass until a massive eruption went off, this time of the same sharp faded purple and black fires I saw the source at the back end of the warehouse. The cold intensity of it spiralled flames up into the air and ripped the entire corner of the warehouse off of with it, debris and...a body? I stumbled to a stop to see it clearly squinting in its direction. It was Cyrismon.

    The Digimon sword fighter careened through the air, spiraling wildly towards the water until he hit with a forceful impact enough to send his own crashing wave tall enough to capsize a small boat. I waited to see him surface, seconds ticked by and he didn't. No! I looked to the roof and still I couldn't see anything going on. Archer could handle himself for a few seconds right? I turned to the bay, skipping over two more buildings and then diving into the water after Cyrismon from the last building after him. The water hit me, the cold bite as I swam under the surface with my vision blurred. I focused on the last place I saw Cyrismon, swimming through the ever darkening watery expanse as I breast stroked down, my feet kicking in long waves. My chest started to feel the strain as I got deeper but just as I needed to come back up for air I ran into something. I felt an arm surrounded by what felt like hardened leather and fur floating loosly around it. I frantically grabbed onto it and whatever else I could and swam up with all my might, my legs kicking and arm sweeping down to breach the surface again.

    My head popped out of the water and I looked over to confirm it was Cyrismon, the limp form of the Digimon in my left arm with his head down almost in the water. The veteran champion stirred, rapidly coughed as he got his breath back but was still clutching his two daggers in his vice like grip. The canine's eyes were still closed as he began breathing again, at least he was alive. I looked around and saw I had come up near the burning warehouse building, maybe a hundred feet as I tread water of where to go to drop Cyrismon off. When I looked up was when I spotted Archer on the roof.

    Through the smoke which only allowed slight sight of him, he was standing there all alone. The human soldier's back was to the edge, swaying there a little bit but it looked like he was lighting a cigarette it seemed. I kept swimming closer and about to call out when suddenly a distinct sword abruptly exploded out of his back. My mind halted in my head as I saw red droplets fall down. My heart stopped in beat for the second as the droplets hit my face and diffused down my cheeks. My mouth slowly descended as Railius's intense looking face came over Archer's shoulder and say something, the impaled soldier reaching behind his back. I took breath in as Archer seemed to lean forward in reply and then his arm shot up and slashed up into Railius's entire left side. Instantly the Darth screamed pulling back as I saw the solid arc of blackened dust and orange fizzing energy flash out especially around his left eye and Railius's blade retracted back as he fell away. Archer roared out in defiance for a moment, holding my blade I gave him before he limply fell back off the roof and silently fell. 'No...' I breathlessly choked.

    Archer tumbled through the air and smoke, blood trailing from his chest in a long spurting trail of droplets from the gaping hole in his body, hitting the water with a hard back first splash and sank the same way Cyrismon had a moment before. 'Wha....where...am I?' Cyrismon started to come to.

    'Hold your breath.' I hurried as I dove back down with him in my grip.

    I went down back under the water with Cyrismon suddenly flailing out as we sunk down, my legs propelling us both towards Archer's form. I used my other arm to submerge quickly, seeing his body in the form of a shadow, to a blurry outline and then as I came up to him the water smudged vision in this murky bay came into view. Around Archer's body it was starting to have a distinct red tinge from the hole in his chest, my arm reaching under him and grabbing up under his body. Cyrismon turned about in my grip, struggling to look as it looked like I hugged the human if only to grab my Seal around my neck with my fingers. I closed my eyes, as the amulet glowed sharply even through my eyelids in this darkness and focused on the Temple again. Just as before, the portal opened up but the immediate suction of a five foot wide inter-dimensional doorway caused us to be sucked towards it like a drain plug being pulled. In an instant, we were flying through the hole between worlds and then careening through the air in the Temple again.

    This time upon landing it was like getting shot out of a drainage pipe from a river dam when the flood gates opened. I lost grip of both my compatriots, myself propelled across the temple's floor uncontrollably. I took a deep breath in from the air inside as my arm let go of the Seal and we all rolled along the ground with the water suddenly shut off. The water settled out, pieces of junk, rocks and float-some scattering the floor as I pushed myself up, heavier due to my soaked clothes. Cyrismon was to my left, himself struggling to rise from the thin layer of water, coughing roughly as he used one of his dagger points to steady himself. His armour was charred, ripped apart in places to the point most of it was barely hanging together. My eyes came to Archer, both worlds stopping when they did.

    Archer was flat on his back, mouth open with a pool of water in it and still as the stones he was laying on. The water around him was becoming darkened with the diluted blood out from his chest wounds and seeping out from his back to dilute the water with currents of red. I could visibly see into his body, shredded flesh, splintered bone fragments and scrambled bloody organs were clumped the tunnel through his torso. I crawled forward getting up to him, laying hands on his chest lightly realizing this was my doing. I asked him to do this. I put him up against that sickofant Railius. I asked the impossible in desperation, Archer delivered it out of duty. I lowered my head and squeezed my eyes shut, tears spurting out with it. 'No.' I spoke out defiantly, 'No, this isn't happening! Not today!'

    I reached down under Archer, hoisting him up into my arms as he limping hanged in my grip. I looked to where I needed to go. The very large entrance to Giamon's rhelm in the Temple, the large stone doorway with the eternal portal embroidered with vines, roots and sparkling flowers adorning it all over. I carried Archer in a quick jog over as Cyrismon finally looked up to see what was going on . As I passed him, the sheer look of horrified remorse, silent words being spoken as I went past. 'Did...I...I didn't mean to!' He managed to confess.

    I didn't have time to ask why as I ran through the portal and in a rush of white light I emerged into Gaimon's garden rhelm. It was a stark contrast from the uniformity of the Temple into a lush rain forest like meadow. The sky far above was blue dome with the right temperature, soft breeze and beauty from the Mother of Digital Nature was still not enough to distract from the soaked form in my arms draining blood onto the bright grass. 'Giamon!' I yelled out, 'Help me!'

    I carried Archer as Cyrismon limped through the portal just behind me, barely able to stand as I continued to scream out for Giamon, frantically looking around for her to appear. 'Gennai how badly is he hurt?!' Cyrismon fell into a tree to hold himself up.

    My hearing caught the sound of a buzzing set of wings through the deep trees and then the glint of them in the corner of my eye as Gaimon zipped between the maze of the thick forest to us. She landed just before us when she saw who I was carrying. The godlike farie Digimon brought her hands to her mouth to shut in a scream as I layed Archer down and fell to my knees. 'Giamon I beg of you.' I bowed with my hands on the ground, 'I know this is against every single vow to keep your solitude and other commandments I can think of but please save him.'

    Giamon remained still, slowly shaking her head in a form of denial. She lowered herself to the ground with me seeing the human on the ground as I removed his fractured chest armor and holsters. It was even worse than I thought as the hole in his chest was only one of four more stab wounds. There was massive busing everywhere, his hand was mangled and blood was seeping from his mouth and nose. 'Why?' Giamon looked over him in dismay, 'Gennai why?'

    'Because he did everything I could not!' I confessed, 'Archer--'

    The portal ripped open behind us, this time the rest of the Masters arrived. Yamatomon thundered in in a full charge, coming to a stop tearing up dirt with his large clawed feet. Infimon slid in behind through the portal, bypassing the larger Master and approaching me with a similar look of disapproval. 'By the Code what is this Gennai?!' Yamatomon looked to this entire horrible situation, 'You're gone for nearly a week and...what is going on here?!'

    Infimon looked to Archer, kneeling down and pushing me out of the way. Yamatomon went to Cyrimon's side, seeing to him as he could. 'Captain Archer?' Infimon stated as his hands hovered over his motionless form, 'Scanning.'

    Infimon's fingers seemed to open up but it was just housings of his armour hiding some very specific sensors, little hinges opening up to show little pin points of light that shone down on the human below him. Infimon's visor started to glow briefly but ended just as it started, his head shaking. 'Breathing rate and heart rate zero.' He coldly and clinically listed, 'Critical blood loss. Catastrophic organ failure. Blood oxygen level decreasing rapidly. Brain death in one minute.'

    'Giamon he did the impossible for us!' I pressed turning back to her frantically, 'All I'm asking is we do what we can for him!'

    All eyes came to Gaimon as she kept looking down at Archer's body, eyes slowly falling shut as she was lost her grief. Softly sobbing but it slowly ebbed off. She couldn't stand violence, wanting to bring life and joy and now she looked down upon the destroyed form of this human. When her sniffing ended, I leaned towards her as my breath drew to a halt waiting for the answer. When her head leveled to normal her eyes clicked open, the onyx black eyes opening to be now glowing with a sharp emerald radiance. 'There will be no death in my garden.' Gaimon's voice turned far more maternal with a reverberating intensity, 'I will do what I can.'

    Giamon's waved her hands out in a snap, all of her fingers glowed the same green hue and stretched up along her arms. The grass around Archer's body became more vibrant, the very tips of the green blades becoming brilliant points of similar colored light. Thin fiber like roots rose out of the soil and started to weave themselves over, around and entwined twists into larger strands before binding around Archer's joints, hands and halfway around his neck. Once they cinched down, they radiated a soft brown haze and held Archer's body down. Giamon laid her hands down on Archer's chest lightly and instantly the healing radiance sapped away into Archer's skin in random veins lit up and dissipated away after a few inches. Giamon visible started to shiver, eyes fading from behind her eyelids quickly. Archer's wounds slowly started to reverse themselves, the three stab wounds starting to refill themselves and some bones starting to pop into place. 'So...much damage!' Giamon struggled to speak, 'Its...taking too...too much!'

    It was then I realized Giamon wasn't just using her energy, but the world around her and it was sapping the life out of everything to give it to the human under her touch. The grass around Archer started to crust over, burn to a dark brown till it matched the dirt and spread like a smoldering invisible fire was eating it away. The leaves of the trees started to turn to their fall colors but soon clipped off their branches. Gaimon started to sink lower down, breathing slowly and shallow. 'Giamon are you all right?' Infimon asked reaching a hand up to her face.

    The Mother of Digital Nature didn't answer as she looked as if she was starting to wilt down to the ground, Infimon taking his hands away, slid them under her's so they were intertwined with every finger over eachother, his palms upon Archer's chest now. He took a deep breath in and then released a burst of strobing purple rolling arch of electric down his arms into his palms. They coiled around like slow acting lightning, melding into a soft white light when they bonded with the glowing emerald energy. Giamon came back up slightly, the strain lessening for her giving her a slight reprieve from the brunt of the task. 'Damage repairing...' Infimon strained a flat tone, 'Complications....unknown...variable.'

    What good was I on my knees when I knew what I had to do to help. I came around to the top of Archer's head, my knees out to the side as I snapped my hands to clutch the air with my fingers curled up to the sky. The forest around us started to fade further into dying itself, trees limbs were becoming frail and bark was flaking off all of the trunks. The smell of old rot was hitting my nose as I willed my own level of power through my body, channelling the flow to between my palms. The sphere formed from a hazy transparent sphere of fluctuating air but soon swelled from the core of it to a shining bright sky blue ball of digitized energy, complete with small data streams. My digital self's raw power, all that I had to me at this moment, I brought down directly into Giamon's and Infimon's hands. The moment I came into contact and synced my energy to theirs all of it was ripped out of my body, my very life essence ripped down and I felt my chest and limbs become ten times as heavy. I caught myself barely, the pressure leveling out as Infimon and Giamon rose up a little more. 'What...is causing...this?' Giamon sobbed whipping her head side to side.

    I looked down at Archer, searching for that answer along with Infimon who's scanner over his eyes was begining to snap with static bursts, sparks flying off from his head from the strain. Archer's wounds were healing rapidly, but the gaping hole in his chest was barely changing. I could see the muscles and sinue inside churning around like it was being stired, bones popping and cracking into place in his ribs causing him to twitch in different directions. Seeing the gaping wound at its opening, I sensed the corruption of the poisonous blade that had done this and it was slowing it down and looked to be pressing out to reform itself. Only seconds remained before it was going to be too late. I rose my head up to Yamatomon, teeth grit at him. 'Yamatomon!' I begged breathlessly, 'We need you!'

    Yamatomon had been kneeling before Cyrismon who he had rested down to the ground to sit when he looked over with an intense abject fascination that what we were doing was working. He gave Cyrismon a look at first who nodded as he slumped slowly into the tree exhausted . The tall dragon Digimon stood up, taking in a breath to steady himself. 'As we will it.' He proclaimed striding over to us, 'Let us see these consequences!'

    What could he possibly mean by that at a time like this? Yamatomon displayed his own power, snapping his massive clawed hands out to his side and from his very arms sprang infernos that rapped around his very fists. The earth below him flowed around his feet, the wind around him swirled in a twisted as he rose his arms up above his head to channel it all into a solid sun like orb between his hands. He knelt before Archer's feet and drove down one hand with the enirty of that condensed elemental essence amalgamation directly down into the top of all our hands. We all flinched thinking it would render us data particals but instead it sapped away into the glowing white light which turned a distict crimson orange as a result. Archer's body surged with this addition and we all felt the weight of the energy strain evaporate in a moment, myself breathing a slow exhale as Yamatomon's claws hand rested lightly over all of ours. The dragon Digimon glared down as his expended power rushed through Archer, the wound closing and burning off some kind of thick black dust as it sealed over. All that remained was a very mangled thick scar in the center of Archer's chest, it settling into a long strip of darkened tanned skin, narled and puturid like a fleshy embedded scab. The last nicks and bruises diffused out and even most of his unslightly scars on his arm and the burns over his shoulders faded away leaving unblemished skin. The one over his eye remained...why? 'It...is done...' Giamon sleepily spoke, 'All...that can be...is.'

    We all slowly let go, the light from all of us weakened to a dull light that remained but that too snuffed out after a few seconds, the light retreating into Archer's chest. 'Is he alive?' Yamatomon asked.

    Archer remained motionless and not a sound was left, looking around I saw the entire forest, grass and plant life around was wilted or otherwise dead. The trees were devoid of colour or leaves, the grass was curled and black, the dirt below us was dust and the very air smelled of decomposition. Archer was like a stone upon the ground, eyes closed and lips parted. Yamatomon stood up and looked defeated upon the ground, my hand sliding away as I felt my twisting sorrow simmer through my eyes, wiping them with the back of my wet sleave from the bay. Giamon weeped softly and Infimon let his arms fall limply off to the side. Cyrismon had limped over, one arm holding onto the other as he fell to his knees to my side. The last Digimon I ever thought would ever show emotions was visibly distraught, lips quivering as he laid a hand down on Archer's chest where his heart was now, closing his eyes bowing his head. I did as well getting ready to say goodbye, pulling a few strands of hair from his face . 'You were a warrior I refused to see.' Cyrismon choaked out, 'You were right about me, I only looked for enemies when I could had looked for a friend instead.'

    My hand had been resting against Archer's cheek but a few of my fingers were a bit lower when I felt a twitch against the pad of my pinky finger. I thought it was my hopeful imagination but it was followed by another, just off to the side of the nape of his neck. Beat...beat. Beat. Beat. Beat. Archer's eyes sprang open, mouth dropping wide and deeply gasped in the air long his back rose off the ground bending in a writhe. The world around us burst into a return of the vibrant colors starting with Archer as the epicenter, the leaves sprang out from gnarled wooden slivers to their original chlorophyll vibrancy. The grass became a sea of green waves, shooting out like a ripple in a pond out into the foreseeable distance. The trees around us regained the deep brown barks that formed out of their bare pale trunks and every bush, fern and flower bed swirled back to being with the decomposed parts fading away into thin dust to be absorbed by the earth below. It what really caught my eye from all of this was everything had this orange tinge to it, the pedals of the flowers were all the same color and even some of the grass seemed to have this soft manderine sparkle to them and were fully that color at the tips. Archer's ghasp finished in a sharp exhale before he slumped back to the grass, eyes falling closed again. To my utter joy his breathing continued, slow and deeply rythmic it was music to my ears. 'It worked.' I got out, 'By the Code it worked ah HA!'

    I reached my arms around Cyrismon who was completely stunned, pulling him into me and clutching him tightly with both of mine. I gave him a kiss right to his cheek and plunged into him with a further hug, Cyrismon only able to get an arm numbly around me, his muzzle agape. Giamon was overwhelmed by the new surroundings caused by the human's revival, seeing her own plane of existence brought back to a fresh vibrancy not able to decide what to focus on. Infimon was uncontrollably blinking and twitching his head as if the overload of questions as making him short circuit. Yamatomon...just stood with his mouth hanging wide open at the ground below him. Infimon finally moved back to Archer, hands scanning the same soft purple light over his body. 'Vitals stabilized.' Infimon chirped positively, 'Heart rate and breathing normal. Commencing deeper internal scan.'

    'This is amazing!' Gaimon proclaimed as she took to the air, 'We brought him back to life! That scar is unsightly though.'

    'Strange.' Infimon remarked, 'The weapon that caused this wound. What was it?'

    'It was Railius's sword.' I answered, 'Corruption's Edge he likes to call it.'

    'The reason for my question is this.' Infimon indicated, 'This blade leaves a specific tainting infused into the skin like a burn. It leaves its mark for a specific analogy.'

    Infimon ran the light over Archer's chest scar, when it did the skin became far more darkened under the sharp light like a frozen jagged shadow. It looked like a twisted thorned vine lodged there. 'If Railius caused this wound here,' Infimon pointed down, 'When did he cause this?'

    Infimon's scanning hand came over Archer's right eye, the distinctive strike down his eye and cheek lit up...and a worming black line showing through the carved slash down under the very flesh of his face. All our gaze was upon him, the happiness now a brewing unease. 'Archer's never fought Railius before today.' I tried to think, 'He had that scare when Railius first met him!'

    'Everyone.' Yamatomon spoke up finally, 'Stand up, step back to me and look down.'

    We all looked around us, the only remarkable thing was the orang ring of grass around Archer's body. We all got back up, slightly unbalanced except for Giamon who just took up to the air. I looked around the fresh grassy expanse and saw another ring about three feet away with a third ring just behind it. A little more further forward were triangles, points aiming away from the center of all the rings. That's when it it hit my mind like a spear right through my memory of what I was looking at. I rushed backwards to join everyone else, Cyrismon looking around rapidly as it was dawning on what symbol this made. 'The Crest of Courage.' Yamatomon pointed, 'There is only one way that can be.'

    Cyrimon had backed all the way up into a tree, sliding down it with his paws over his mouth with renewed terrified shock in his eyes, shaking his head violently. Giamon fainted in mid air to which Infimon caught her mid fall. I dropped to my knees, palms on the ground as the lost before us was breathing softly asleep. 'Jayden.' Yamatomon sealed in his words, 'Just like before, you've changed everything.'
    - Just another bit of data floating around, that's all I am. But as you know, even a little bit of it can kill you.

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