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Thread: Theories for Tri

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow Shinji View Post
    @Neoagumon To understand better who is DarkGennai, you should read this thread: https://withthewill.net/threads/2027...imon-Adventure. It's not totally conclusive, but the best explanation we have so far.
    I read it before the last OVA, and the Gennai of the novel was our 'Old friend' Gennai, not the Dark Gennai... The only explanation could be that the dark side now is separated of the light side... if not, our Gennai with the dark seed is in the capsule with the 02 childrens. And 1 more reason is.. in the chart we only have the silhouette of our Gennai, like in the last OVA!

    One more thing, where could go Dark Gennai in the last distorsion? Digitalworld, dark ocean...?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TMS View Post
    … universe crossovers leading up to Digimon: Infinity War…
    Pssst, that would be closer to Digimon: Secret Wars.

    On the idea of Gennai, there's actually one possibility I thought of. It may be possible that the Adventure-era Gennai ("Gennai-prime") could be considered more connected to dark Gennai ("Gennai-Seth") while still being a bit different. We only know a bit about his history (and that of the Agents), but there are a few possibilities.

    1) When the Dark Masters attacked the Agents, Gennai truly was the only survivor (noted in the novels - this may be canon to the series). He was infected by Piedmon's dark sphere, which may have remained latent during the Adventure plot. He used aging as a way to try to circumvent the dark sphere. His data becoming slowed, he split himself into a new batch of Agent programs. One of these is essentially the original "Gennai-prime" with most others taking on new file names. These are technically different processes now and may have some of their own unique personality traits. The infection essentially became isolated in one of the new programs and became "Gennai-Seth", who likely tried to hunt down as many of the other Agents as possible. He used the original name when contacting the Incorporated Administrative Agency as they trusted that name. The use of Ken's Digimon Emperor avatar is then rather interesting, as that persona was, itself, influenced by a dark seed (said to have been developed from the same stuff as Piedmon's sphere).

    2) When the Dark Masters attacked the Agents, Gennai wasn't really the only survivor. Everything we thought we knew from the novel is a lie. There was actually at least one other group or faction (I wouldn't necessitate them being divided between Homeostasis and Yggdrasil, but I wouldn't stand against it either). There's technically no direct connection between the two entities, and the existence of "Gennai-Seth" was essentially a buried secret that wasn't supposed to come back. Also, Kari doesn't really like ice cream, that was an early symptom of the viral data that resulted in Ophanimon Falldown Mode (this may or may not be included to indicate that I think this option to be less likely).

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    I like the first idea. Could possibly work.

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