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Thread: Theories for Tri

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    @DCYC: If you want to add to a previous post, use the edit button. I just merged a triple post and also cut down the giant quote, half of which wasn't necessary.

    And I hope you realize that at one point you literally replied to yourself...

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    I'm sorry, I messed it up. Now it's fixed (I think)

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    Here is a theory that I been thinking of for a couple of days. I wonder if one of the black tower Digimon from season 2 is controlling things. Remember that those are not really Digimon. They was made from the black towers, so they was not born AKA BlackWarGreymon. If someone made a Digimon like Omnimon Alter-B with black towers, then watch out.
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    so i have been thinking for a while now about why is hackmon called meicoomon libra and i think i might have an idea
    i think the part of apocalymon might have been put inside meicoomon on purpose in attempt to purify it
    you see the digidestined was able to defeat apocalymon but it was only a matter of time before he will be reborn so homeostasis knew the digidestined had the power to defeat him so she looked for a digidestined that have an attribute of a holy crest and she find meiko homeostasis then put a part of apocalymon inside of a tailmon egg while inserting energy from the crest that was created based on meiko the crest wasn't able to purify it enough and the virus was then created inside of meicoomon but homeostasis was hoping that by sending meicoomon to meiko she could help her to purify the virus and that is why hackmon called meicoomon libra because she is supposed to balance the darkness of apocalymon with the light of the digidestined

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    Oddly, that doesn't sound too far fetched. Sounds just crazy enough to work.

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    According to most of the players in the series, Apocalymonís data entering Maicoomonís egg was an accident. There was no need to worry about Apocalymon being reborn like a normal, non-evil Digimon anyway.

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    I've got a theory regarding 02 kids in tri. But I'm not sure if the same ideas were claimed before by the others.

    I think that they simply got killed by Alphamon. So far, Yggdrasil has shown to be the main antagonist in tri. and there is no reason he can't do what another Yggdrasil did in digimon savers. So he can bring the 02 kids back to life at the end of "Our Future" which explains why they were alive in the epilogue of digimon adventure 02.
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    I highly doubt the 02 cast is dead.

    So it seems will get a new omnimon evolution in the new movie I'm going to guess it's from the same process as the other digidestined harnessing inner power and it will fight and purify ordinemon.

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