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Thread: New Rule Regarding Thread Names

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    New Rule Regarding Thread Names

    Lately there have been a few to many threads with names that have very little to do with the actual topic, or otherwise don't really say anything.

    Some examples that aren't specific to any thread

    "A Question"
    "A Thought"
    "What's the deal"

    and so forth when someone has a question about Digimon or something else.

    Topic names like this don't explain what the thread is in any manner.

    New threads with names like this will simply be removed, as they don't give anyone much of a reason to check the threads out because they nearly come across as spam.

    This rule doesn't apply to sections like "What's happening" where things are meant to be a touch more personal.

    Name your thread based on what you are asking or what your thread is about please. It doesn't need a long formal title, but if someone doesn't get the jist of it from the thread name, take another look at what you are about to post.
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    I come from the net Da_Duke2000's Avatar
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    On a serious note, and a long time Forum user (outside of just WTW), I support this entirely. We're in the age of irritating Click-Bait links everywhere, and I fully support keeping the trend far away from here.

    On a less serious note: Seinfeld.

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    I come from the net Lhikan634's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Da_Duke2000 View Post
    irritating Click-Bait
    Kill it. Kill it all.

    Also as a note, users like me tend to refuse to click on obvious clickbait or ambiguous titles. Titles are a huge part of good communication, so good titles can bring more people to answer questions or to converse

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