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    I just unlocked ネクスト on my D3 15th. How do I unlock it for this Digivice? It's supposed to give a special message when you link it.

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    I translated the digicode.

    It means "the next is coming"

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    Oh no my Digivice battery dieD in the middle of a zone that I found PATAMON!! Does anyone know when it saves? Help zones, after bosses, what? I really don't want to get another battery and only have Tailmon and Gomamon.

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    Hi guys! I'm back and going to finish up the guide with as many details as I can. Going to polish up the guide and hopefully complete what I set out to do a year ago; I had to put everything on hold for college graduation and finals.

    I'm also getting a D-3 Ver. 15th eventually and I'll update the information to include D-3 connectivity, which I've heard allows you to unlock Imperialdramon Paladin Mode. I'll also add information for the D-3 as it comes.

    I hope when the time comes, people will be able to help me with information/data regarding Digimon type and HP/AP changes, how other mechanics work, and etc.

    If anyone has information right now regarding all enemy HP/AP, the steps it takes to clear each zone (I have myself not finished the final zone and will set out to find the steps once I do), and how many steps a loss sends you back for each zone, that'd be awesome!


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    Is connecting to the analyzer the only way to get the digivolutions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeroTheKeeper View Post
    Is connecting to the analyzer the only way to get the digivolutions?
    No. Regular battle will also allow for digivolutions

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