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Thread: Digimon Fusion Episode 54: Final Fusion! The Fight for Earth - (Fusion Finale)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ishkur View Post
    I haven't heard anything regarding Season 3. Some people seem to think that it's coming in 2016 - but I don't think there's any official news yet.

    I have to say that I enjoyed Season 2 up until the mid-season break. It seemed so unnecessary to remove the show for three months, it really killed it for me. Started to feel like a chore watching it and the ending felt really anticlimactic.
    I completely agree! It seemed like such a bad place for a 3-month break in the story, between Gold Land and Canyon Land. I'm not sure why they did that.... other than Nickelodeon wanting to control the release of new episodes for all their shows to span the entire Summer so kids would tune-in all summer long.... "Action to the Maxtion"... right? Very bad flow. And yeah, the end did feel like a bit of a slog. They should have marathoned Episodes 52-53-54 all in one Sunday instead of making us wait a whole week to watch the one episode conclusion of the arc. I did appreciate the mini-marathon leading into the initial return from the break though. But yeah, poorly timed...

    I'm a little nervous that we didn't get the teaser image for Digimon Hunters (arc 3) at the end of Episode 54. I will be SO disappointed if Tagiru never makes it stateside... The Digimon Fusion Episodes Wikipedia page did have "2016" posted as the U.S. air date for Episode 55 (the start of the Hunters arc) for awhile, but has since been changed to "TBA". Could they really deny me Tagiru/Gumdramon and Ren/Dracomon!?!?

    Quote Originally Posted by Sabrblade View Post
    Why did they call Bagramon as "Lord Bagra" without a "-mon" in his name?!!! ... Thank you, Saban! Thank you for completely wasting my time on a mystery that was never followed through on. Because now I learn that it was never a mystery in the first place, and was instead just more horse-hockey like the names "Zombie Zinger" and "SlushAngemon"!
    Yes to all this! I didn't think about it much... but after reading your post it would have been a real tease to see if they were going anywhere with it, only to find... nope. Just bad dubbing. To be honest, my first fansub viewing of Digimon Xros Wars had Bagramon subbed as Bugramon, so by the time I got to Fusion's "Lord Bagra" I was just like "whatever.... you mean the 'main villain-guy'"... SlushAngemon makes my Digimon Fusion DVD a collectors' item.... Classic. So lame. Speaking of which, Digimon Xros Wars was the first season of Digimon to be animated in HD. Why no Blu-Ray DVD release stateside? Did the HD never make it here? My FiOS area JUST got the Nicktoons HD channel recently so I was unable to see if Fusion was carried in HD by Nicktoons. And with Hunters not confirmed... I'm not sure I want to shell-out the $$$ for the upgraded package... I did get the 6-disc set for Season One from Cinedigm, but there seems to be no HD version to get. Sad.
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    In future, Chakmon, please use copy and paste to put all of your quotes in the same post.
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