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Thread: Digimon Fusion Episode 45: Dark Side of the Sun

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    Olegmon or mostly Appolomon. But if you want hate, then the others I didn't mention. All annoying.

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    Yeah, Vampire Land was pretty cool. It made me think of Halloweentown in Kingdom Hearts. Especially when Taiki and Nene are dressed-up as Devimons.... Classic! It was a Sora moment for Taiki. In fact, any episode where Nene is dressed as a Digimon on recognizance, is a good episode. I like that aspect of Nene's character. Flowerpowermon! Ha! (wait... that was Taiki...) Gravimon was a pretty decent Death General too.

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    Well any time Nene does something like cosplay it's fun. Nene is just great anyway. Like her most recent cosplay in Gravimon's land.

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    Bright Land is kept.

    Daimaden is renamed the "Dark Nest", despite being called the "Dark Fortress" in episode 31, and then "Lord Bagra's Castle" in episode 40.

    Originally, Sparrowmon knew that it was a forcefield that was pushing her back from reaching the tower, which prompted Mervamon to realize that they can't even approach it from the air. Here, however, Sparrowmon does not know what was pushing her away from the tower, saying it was just "something invisible", which prompted Mervamon to instead be the one to say it was a forcefield.

    Turuiemon is kept.

    Turuiemon refers to the Bagra Daimaden as the "Bagra Dark Nest".

    Sun General Apollomon

    Setmon is renamed Sethmon

    Marsmon is renamed Marusumon (euuugh!)

    Setmon referring to the troops as "beasts of God's servants" is changed to "Sun Beasts"

    Revolmon being Reloaded is cut out right before he could fully appear.

    A shot of Marsmon fighting Mervamon before Sparrowmon shows up to help is cut out.

    Marsmon turning away from Mervamon to strike Sparrowmon had its first part cut out to remove Mervamon.

    A shot of Mervamon swinging her sword before the shot of it striking Marsmon is cut out and replaced by a different shot of swinging her sword.

    Revolmon/Deputymon riding the Dobermon and being knocked away from the crash he and Beelzebumon/Beelzemon cause is kept, but with Revolmon/Deputymon's body in blue.

    "Giga Destroyer" is changed to "Giga Blaster" (I only mention this one given how inconsistent its name has been in previous episodes)

    Setmon Wild Mode is renamed Sethmon Wild Mode.

    Apollomon being referred to as the country's god is changed to him simply identifying himself as the Sun General.

    Apollomon simply yelling "Take this!" when he sends down more spikes onto Shoutmon DX is changed to him yelling "Iron Spikes!" as though he were using an attack. Though, no attack caption is included, and rightfully so since it wasn't an attack in the original.

    "Grand Heat Storm" is renamed "Atomic Heat Wave"

    "Trident Jusfang" is renamed "DX Double Blade", which is what it was named in episode 34, but without an exclamation point this time

    "Hyper Rock Magnum" is renamed "Magma Blast"

    Apollonia Tower is given no name in the dub.

    While climbing the stairs, Shoutmon and Christopher complain about it while Ballistamon tries to cheer them up by mentioning how strenuous exercise is good for "flesh types"

    Hell/Jigoku is omitted from Marsmon's warning Shoutmon about falling off the stairs, instead saying "If you fall it's all over."

    Marsmon's explanation about the stairs being the "staircase to God" and therefore mandatory for everyone to climb it on their own two feet, is changed to him explaining that, because General Apollomon is "Lord of the Sun", the tower acts as a link between the heavens at the top and the Underworld all the way down at the bottom, and that everyone must climb the ancient stairway on their own to feet to instead prove their worthiness.

    Shoutmon: "Hey Marusumon, are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?"
    Marusumon: "No."

    More complaining from Shoutmon comes right before they reach the top.

    Kiriha saying the tower is "one big spike made by the devil" is omitted, with him instead saying that it acts as a tube that sucks all the life from below to grow the paradise at the top.

    Okay, virtually every moment of silence in the original is given additional filler dialogue to fill in the dead air in the dub, even the shots of the heroes all gasping in reaction to Apollomon declaring himself to be a digimon of justice.

    When Shoutmon originally asked Apollomon why he's been treating the people of his land so cruelly, Dub Shoutmon instead asks Apollomon the exact same question that Taiki/Mikey just asked him a few seconds ago (in both the original and the dub): "So you were only pretending to be bad until you could be good again?" What's worse is that Dub Apollomon's answer to this question is faithful to Japanese Apollomon's answer, meaning that Dub Apollomon speaks of his cruel treatment towards his people when Dub Shoutmon never asked about that. And Dub Apollomon shows none of the remorse for his actions that Japanese Apollomon showed, instead justifying his actions with a more logic-based tone rather than a sympathetic one.

    The shot of Mervamon objecting to Apollomon's plan of making it look like he's beaten Xros Heart is cut out and replaced by a different close up of her.

    Apollomon's plan is slightly changed from him saying he'd request an audience with Bagramon after he'd pretend to beat Xros Heart to him instead saying that Bagra would personally invite Apollomon to celebrate after Apollomon would pretend to beat the Fusion Fighters.

    Kiriha's skepticism about Apollomon's plan is changed a bit. Originally, he asked what was to stop Apollomon from simply defeating them for real if they agreed to let him beat them. In the dub, however, Christopher asks what's to stop Apollomon from turning them over to Bagra if they agreed to let him beat them.

    The shot of Kiriha suggesting that Apollomon could just let himself get beaten by them is zoomed in a bit to obscure the view of Mervamon's skin that was visible to the right of him.

    Also, Kiriha's suggestion of Apollomon letting himself get beaten is changed to Christopher suggesting that Apollomon let them defeat and turn him in to Bagra as their prisoner, which makes no sense since the Bagra Army would not care if the enemy were to take Apollomon prisoner or not.

    Originally, Taiki was fully convinced that Apollomon was telling the truth and wanted to help him, while in the dub, Mikey also wants to help Apollomon but then wonders if Apollomon could be leading them into a trap. So Taiki was fully committed while Mikey's half-hearted and unsure, which is what Kiriha and Nene are supposed to be and therefore messing up their original 2-to-1 disagreement with Taiki since Mikey's also uncertain, even though the dub still treats the situation as though Mikey was as convinced as Taiki.

    To make matters worse, right after Christopher says "Two against one, Mikey," an offscreen Shoutmon speak up with "Three against one," when Shoutmon originally gave no opinion in this debate. Thanks for making Shoutmon betray his General, dubbers!

    Originally, Damemon was saying that they have no choice but to force their way in and climb up the tower, while the dub has him lament that the Dark General isn't coming to see them so they'll have to climb all the stairs after all.

    When Kiriha tells Apollomon that they've made their decision, the camera pan to show the others who've come to face Apollomon with him is cut out to remove the panning to Mervamon.

    The belly shot of Mervamon grabbing onto Shoutmon X4 is cut out.

    Apollomon's right arm wounds originally came from self-infliction, while in the dub they are battle wounds that he willingly stopped from healing, which then begs the question of why they were bandaged up since bandaging them would, you know, help them to heal.

    The camera panning away from the three digimon to the right is cut out, leaving only the end of the pan (Tuwarmon's arrival) intact, since Mervamon was one of the three digimon.

    Yuu originally stated that Apollomon invited him and Tuwarmon into and up the tower, while here he says that Apollomon override the tower's security system and let them in.

    Christopher gives exposition to the audience that "Some dark force is eating him [Apollomon] from the inside."

    Whispered is first referred to as "Apollomon Whispered" and then just "Whispered"

    "Arrow of Whispered" is renamed "Whispering Arrow"

    Christopher orders X4 to "De-Fuse".

    Taiki halfhearted ordered Shoutmon to Super Evolve, while Mikey halfheartedly orders him to Digi-Fuse.

    The chibi Mervamon in the Digimon Data Collection has her chest covered up.

    PicoDevimon is changed to DemiDevimon
    Small Devil is changed to "Evil"
    "Pico Darts" was the only attack listed in the original, while the dub lists two attacks: "Evil Whisper" and "DemiDarts"

    Mikey describes him as looking like "a bowling ball with bat wings"

    Hell's Field is renamed as the Underworld.
    When there's gold feathers, punch behind you!!

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