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Thread: Digimon Fusion Episode 43: Great Fusion! The Power of Friendship

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    Digimon Fusion Episode 43: Great Fusion! The Power of Friendship

    Episode thread for Episode 43 of Digimon Fusion

    5th July - USA - 10.30am EST

    No spoilers past this episode

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    The close-up animations for Christopher were kind of odd in a lot of places. His face looked really skinny in a few shots.

    Quite a few of the episodes in this arc have really stylized Mikey/Chris/Nene's looks. It brings to mind Spalshmon's Pink Drippin ' (eng: Splasher) where everyone looked just too fabulous to fight. Shiny faces!

    Poor Nene, having to be a fighting hero in such a frilly dress. It's tough being a girl hero! Although I'm sure those goggles must leave a strap mark on Mikey's head too...

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    Don't remember if Kiriha's back story was different in the original, but the dub version seems kind of incoherent. Christopher's history doesn't seem related to the 'power of friendship' he eventually realizes, except maybe the part about his father's business associates betraying him (tenuously).
    Also, Deckerdramon can suddenly and conveniently access and share others' memories.

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    I haven't seen the sub in a while, but Im pretty sure Kiriha's backstory was just as incoherent. The only difference I can remember is that his dad actually died.

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    Nene Amano
    Dracomon (I forgot about Dracomon after the Dorbickmon-arc)

    Attacks used

    - Zeke Flame
    - Trident Fang
    - Plasma Rail Gun
    - Daggerstrike (his strongest move according to Christopher)

    - Whirl Wind Tunnel
    - Twin Fireball Strike
    - Omni Core Fusion

    - Body Spikes (Pretty sure this attack was called Cyber Talons in the previous episode :s)
    - Tail of Terror
    - Spinning Stingers (he says the attack name, but no text appears on screen)

    - Gravity Ball (the name he gives to an unnamed attack "with my trusty little Gravity Ball")

    Shoutmon x7
    - Seven Victories

    Digimon Data Collection

    Agunimon "the Human Spirit of Fire"
    - Pyro Tornado
    - Pyro Darts

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    A shot of Mervamon protecting Nene from MetalGreymon's attack is cut out.

    "Zeke Flame" is kept.

    "Beat Slash" is renamed "Whirlwind Tunnel" like in episode 31, despite being "Doom Drillpress" in episodes 30 and 40

    "Trident Fang" is kept.

    "Plasma Railgun" is spelled as "Plasma Rail Gun"

    "Final Strikes" is renamed "Daggerstrike" like in episode 39, despite being "Final Trident Strike" in episode 32

    "Omega the Fusion" is renamed "Omni Core Fusion"

    Kiriha commanded the devolved MetalGreymon to Super Evolve again, while Christopher instead commands him to Digi-Fuse (when he already is Digi-Fused).

    Consistent with episodes 18 and 19, all of Deckerdramon's dialogue about love in the original is changed in the dub to being about heart.

    Deckerdramon's line of "A soldier without love can be no soldier!" is dubbed as "A general with no loyalty in his heart is no general at all."

    "Glutton Fang" is renamed "Body Spikes", despite being "Fang Crusher" in episode 40

    "Death Divider" is renamed "Tail of Terror", like way back in episode 13

    "Cyber Blader" is renamed as "Spinning Stinger", but as mentioned in the above post, it is spoken but not captioned.

    "Yokunaol" is given no name.

    Originally, the wounds were too deep for Cutemon to heal, while here they're too numerous for him to heal all of them.

    The flashback to Kiriha's speech from episode 19 is handled well in the dub. The dialogue in the dub flashback is exactly as it was in episode 19, rather than being redubbed or rescripted to saying anything other than what was said in episode 19. A rarity for most Digimon English dubs.

    Consistent with episode 18, "guardian deity" is dubbed as just "guardian"

    Young Kiriha is stated to be 10 years old, while Young Christopher is only referred as "when he was just a child".

    Originally, a sixth grader took little Kiriha's game away from him, while here it was "one of the big boys" who instead took little Christopher's toy away from him.

    "Mama" is kept.

    All of Kiriha's father dialogue that Kiriha and Gravimon quoted last episode is changed into being dialogue that was never spoken by Christopher or Gravimon last episode.
    Kiriha's father: "Don't think you've already lost before you've even begun to fight! Be strong! Being strong is what will make you Kiriha Aonuma!"
    Kiriha: "Kiriha... Aonuma?"
    Kiriha's father: "Yes! If you aren't strong, you don't deserve to live! Win even if you have to chew on rocks for it!"

    Christopher's father: "Stop it! You'll never win by giving up before you even start! You must be strong! Make yourself stronger than your enemies; that's how you will defeat them!"
    Christopher: "I must... be strong?"
    Christopher's father: "That's right! Being strong is what makes you Christopher Aonuma! Being strong is what makes you my son!"
    None of these lines were quoted by Christopher in either this or last episode, whereas Kiriha was quoting his father several times.

    Christopher's mother confirms that he is 10 years old in the flashback in the dub too.

    The Aonuma Financial Group is renamed the Aonuma Corporation.

    On his father's death bed, Kiriha begged his father not to die since his mama had already gone to heaven and he didn't want to be left alone, while Christopher doesn't mention his mama, instead focusing on his father's condition, saying that he knew his father would wake up and asking if he would get better.

    Present day Christopher narrates that his father's associates took the company away from his father when he "fell ill and became too weak to stop them", and also mentions their having taken it away from his mother and himself. So his parents seem to have not died in the dub, complete with the shots of the crowd dispersing and Kiriha standing over his father's grave cut out of the funeral scene, leaving in only the shots of the storm overhead and the close up of Kiriha under his umbrella.

    A brand new flashback using footage from episodes 10 and 19 is inserted between the shot of all three humans and the close up shot of Taiki.

    Gravimon's gravity explosive is renamed as being a gravity ball.

    And now the dub decides to keep the talk of "love" that was in the original, despite it being changed to "heart" earlier in this episode (and back in episodes 18-19).

    Christopher insists that the dying Deckerdramon should get back inside the Fusion Loader to be "repaired", and Deckerdramon says that he is beyond "repair". At least they don't say that he's being "Digi-Deleted".

    The music used for Deckerdramon's death scene is handled fairly well.

    Great Xros is renamed Great Fusion, and boy is the music used for the sequence in the dub unmemorable, generic, dull, and not the least bit exciting. Its tune is barely audible, obscured by all the sound effects of the sequence.

    OmegaShoutmon's Great Xros screen (the one with all the technical readings and his name caption) is replaced with a clean, textless version from his Super Evolution sequence, while ZekeGreymon gets to keep his Great Xros screen, complete with his original name caption of "ZEKE GREYMON". I guess the dubbers didn't want to try changing "OMEGA SHOUTMON" to "OMNISHOUTMON"

    Shoutmon X7 is pronounced "Shoutmon Times Seven", and uses an even gruffer version of OmniShoutmon's voice. It... does not sound as cool as OmniShoutmon's voice. It's honestly sounds uglier and more monstrous and disgusting.

    "Seven Victorize" is renamed "Seven Victories"

    X7 is giving additional dialogue at the end: "Yeah! We beat 'em!" and "Okay, maybe not. Stay frosty, guys. I think we're in for a fight!"

    Agnimon is renamed Agunimon
    "Demon Man" is renamed "Wizard"
    "Burning Salamander" is renamed "Pyro Tornado" (which was the dub name of both this attack and "Salamander Break" at first, but then became solely the name for the latter while the former was named "Pyro Punch")
    "Salamander Break" is renamed "Pyro Darts" (which was the dub name for "Fire Darts")
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    This summary is fantastic! I have been trying to watch the subbed Xros Wars episodes just before the English ones debut on Nicktoons to have a fresh comparison in my head. Thanks for all the data Sabrblade. Kiriha's story is somewhat toned-down in the English, very true. I guess losing both parents in an accident would be pretty abrasive to cartoon-watching American crowd. Kiriha's love in his heart, and Dekerdramon's role in waking his love was pretty intense. The music is fantastic, Fusion can't hold a candle to the Xros Wars music. A main gripe I have with Xros Wars is that these emotional, growing episodes for the characters are produced incredibly well on their own, but there is so little character development in the series overall, that when we get to these epic growing moments, they loose their impact a bit.

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    New voice credits this episode:

    Golemon - Doug Erholtz
    Doctor - Doug Erholtz

    Also, there's something pretty interesting in the credits. It looks like Christopher's father is listed as "Daigo Aonuma" this episode. (If anyone has the credits in the non-blurry HD version of the episode, can you double check that for me?)

    I searched to see if that name has ever come up anywhere before, and I actually found a topic here.

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    I just googled "デジモンクロスウォーズ 字幕 大吾" (Digimon Xros Wars captions Daigo) and found this blog post where it's stated their names are mentioned in the closed captions, and are Daigo (大吾) and Maria (マリア).

    Yeah, I guess this confirms their names are not fan wank. I wonder if those claimed names for Kōji and Kōichi's parents that are listed around the Internet also have a similar source.
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    It's funny you bring that up because (while I don't have an answer for the question), I've seen the claims for the twins' parents' names on the English side of the fanbase - but with completely different Japanese writings. Granted, this is probably best chalked up to someone in the English-speaking fanbase just making said readings up.

    That said, Frontier had the benefit of having tons and tons of supplementary material come out after the series; the Animation Chronicle lists Takuya's parents' names, but not the twins' (they're just referred to as Kouji's father and mother and Kouichi's mother). I don't think Xros Wars ever had this benefit. Perhaps if it does sometime, we can take a peek?

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