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Thread: [Digimon Podcast] Lost In Translationmon: Episode 165 - Evil Shows His Face and...

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    Episode 165 - Evil Shows His Face and It's A Rock
    Evil was a devil in Digimon Adventure.
    This time, it's a rock.
    May is really all about ancient anime memes in this episode, apparently.

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    Hunters 76-77-78-79

    Well, congratulations are in order: first to Jay, for surviving the entire series and will never have to watch another episode of Digimon again, ever! And to May and Jay for seeing this podcast through to it's natural conclusion! I think you are the first to have ever covered EVERY season of Digimon! That deserves a tremendous kudos! And while your hook was to rewatch Digimon with a newbie and get fresh impressions, as well as compare the sub and dub, the hook for me was having a podcast that discussed the Japanese original (subbed) at all which hadn't been done, and IMO is the one worth talking about.... So, excellent job!

    I mostly agree with you both on the lackluster ending. Keramon (my favorite muppet-like Digimon) was fun to see in Episode 77, and while a nod to previous seasons, I thought it worked okay to show how both worlds now overlap and Digimon were Digivolving on their own! It was a cute nod to past season baddies, and the Infermon "the worst Digimon alive" statement was classic... so bad... I liked how we learned Ryouma was like Tagiru in that he idolizes Taiki. Sadly, this character development was just too little too late. Really, we're going to learn this about Ryouma with just 2-episodes left!? Why? And his whole witnessing of Taiki's final battle with Bugramon, from a random rift in the digital space he was able to hop into and not turn into stone.... is all a bit suspect...

    So many questions.... Quartzmon was born from Taiki's fight with Tactimon and Bugramon… and scattered his body to create the DigiQuartz…? He set the only one Digimon in-use per Hunter rule somehow, even though he had no control over the digivices… and the Old Man ended up being Bugramon??? Or some kind of Bugramon reincarnation....?? I'm confused. And more irritating is the Brave Snatcher (yes, horrible name.) I expected the kids to pull-up Tactimon's sword! And that didn't happen! So confused..... Did Bugramon loose that arm in Tokyo Bay? And what happened to Tactimon's sword?? I honestly don't remember, and I don't care to watch Taiki's battle again... Requiring the six heroes' energy to active the Brave Snatcher, and having Tagiru be the seventh hero to wield the weapon was... okay I guess... and Zenjirou and Akari FINALLY getting a digivice was... okay I guess.... My issue is primarily that you took such an epic idea of having all the character come together, and made it so mediocre... Honestly, the best part of the finale was Zenjirou's reactions to the Spirit Evolution and DNA Digivolutions, etc. It was cool to see Adventure Taichi next to Daisuke, being the same age; and it was cool to see Takato next to Takuya. But no one really did anything amazing. It was great that Tagiru saved the day, and everyone helped Clockmon to freeze time so Tagiru could get things done. But the ending was kind of meh, and I'm sure I'll forget what happened again... I honestly thought the Brave Snatcher was going to be Tactimon's Sword... I didn't even remember that right! What happened to the sword??? And when did Bugramon loose that claw arm in the bay??? And why did he come back as the Old Man???

    The only part I kind of like was how the Brave Snatcher needed the energy of the six heroes to activate, and the slots for each one of them. Taichi, red; Daisuke, blue; Takato, orange; Takuya, pink; Masaru, yellow, and Taiki, gold. I'm okay with Tagiru being a hero, but he did use that "whoever stops here is an idiot" line only like twice... if that. So it wasn't a real Tagiru catchphrase. But whatever....

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    Thank you May and Jay!

    Your quest is over.
    We present you a new quest.

    Push Button B
    To rewatch the entire series
    But in Spanish

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    Nice going guys!
    Thanks for all the years of great Digimon coverage. Through all the ups and all the downs.
    (Whatever comes next, I maintain hope you'll revisit it now and again, if you can mange to rope Jay back into it.)

    The finale was fine for me.
    There were some flashy team-ups, and a decent finale battle. I actually liked the Brave Snatcher Surfboard.
    Hunters set its terms quite early on, so its not like I was expecting anything TOO special. It certainly could have been better.

    Would it be possible to get another instalment of "Jay rewrites Digimon to be more competent", and get his pitch for a better version of Hunters?
    "Never attempt anything without the gloves."

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