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Thread: [Digimon Podcast] Lost In Translationmon: Episode 151 now out!

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    How cool is Salamandermon?! He barfs lava! Wicked!

    Of the two, I think Nene was most fit to survive in Bugramon's new world of Lands. She can keepa low profile, and spent much of her time gathering information with the Monitormon, not too dissimilar to Season One Nene, though without the mystery. Kiriha on the other hand, I think really struggled to survive in this world. His pride suffered under a much stronger enemy, and it was all he could do to generate some opposition with Team Blue Flare to keep other Digimon (like Dracomon) from completely losing hope. We really have no sense of time passage while Taiki was away. I always figured it was months, since the new Lands had to be created.... Anyway, Kiriha seemed exhausted and his spirits very low. I always wondered when we first see him calling-out Dorbickmon if that wasn't a kamikaze mission.... I mean he must have known he couldn't win.... was that a last stand? I don't think it was Taiki's underwhelming return as much as a beaten-down Kiriha under the new regime.

    Also, YES! Nene's undercover costumes are the best! She is so awesome! There is a gravity and mood in the Death Generals arc that never manifests in Fusion partly because of the near constant cartoony background music.... it really changes the mood.
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    Episode 151 - Shoutmon XD Lawl Random
    Is Xros Wars going to continue actually better better than mediocre? Is this the saddest moment in all of the Digimon anime? Does Kiriha bounce back fast? Will Xros Heart get a Cease and Desist from the WWE? Find out the answer to these questions and more in this week's episode!
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