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Thread: [WTB] V-Pets and Pendulums

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    [WTB] V-Pets and Pendulums

    Hi everybody!

    I am looking to buy the following Digimon V-Pets and Pendulums:

    Digital Monster Ver. 1 JAL Special - Brown
    Digital Monster Ver. 1 JAL Special - Blue
    Digimon Pendulum Version 3.0
    Digimon Pendulum Version 5.0

    *NOTE: Please be aware that I am only interested in buying pendulums with their respective packaging.
    The packaging should be in good condition without strong signs of damage, tear and wear.

    I am fine with the pendulums having being used before, however, there should be no strong signs of usage. i.e scratches on the display or the plastic body.

    Payments will be transferred through PayPal.

    Please reply if you are interested.
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    I come from the net Da_Duke2000's Avatar
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    Nov 2006
    Version 1 available on Yahoo Japan:

    http://page16.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/u76257603 (3 days left, at 2,000 Yen with 3 bids)
    http://page11.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/j...ion/n141929431 (2.5 hours left, closing at 5,000 Yen. Will probably be renewed.)
    ChinookCrafts @ Etsy

    Digimon Tags, Legend of Zelda Rupees, Pokemon Evolution Stones, and more...

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    Thank you for the tip ^^
    Unfortunately I am having a very hard time finding Version 5.0...

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    Hi WtW community! I am still looking to buy the V-Pets and Pendulums listed in my top post. Please do reply if you are interested in selling!

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