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Thread: Pokemon Vs Digimon ! Actual Fight .

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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterOfTartarus View Post
    i wonder if that was the same guy i argued with on Gamefaqs, when i brought up Lucemon destroying a moon he tried arguing that materials in the digital world are weaker then in the real world lmao
    Thatís very much one of the common arguments Iíve seen from him. The screw you screw attack thread was on spacebattles actually if anyone wants to look. His grammars improved recently at least so that indicator is gone. Saw him on Reddit as well with the same SB username.
    Also gonna admit I donít actually remember Tsareena or Lilligant. Lillimon X sounds like overkill though.

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    Sounds like a nerd. But like I said, I think most fans stopped arguing this way back in '03 when we all "grew up". So only the most nerdy-est of fans still argue about it. Being the site this place is, we're "normal" so we get super civil about things. Mostly because we have very good mods.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cross666 View Post
    Ya Ya , I know Pokemon is more popular then Digimon .
    But Who is stronger in an actual fight between Pokemon & Digimon ?
    Can Pokemon beat Digimon in an actual fight ?
    0r Digimon has the advantage because of their size and OP power.
    Can A Pokemon trainer (Like Ash) beat a DigiDestine in an actual fight ??
    I mean , What Pokemon Ash can use against Digimon like TK's Angemon and Tai's WarGraymon???
    Well, I believe it is meaningless to discuss the fight as both "creature" are virtual and not real in our life.

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