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Thread: What are your hopes for Adventure tri?

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    What are your hopes for Adventure tri?

    Here's something I'd be happy if it happened:

    As you may remember, there was a group of five Digidestined that came before Taichi's group. But for some reason, they weren't called upon to handle the new problems. Now there are many possible ways you could explain that, but canonly, there is no reason, so they could use this for a plotline.

    One way I could see this happening is a new human shows up in the Digital World, and starts causing trouble. He has found a way to stop Digimon from being reborn upon defeat, by essentially capturing and storing their defeated data, and preventing it from reassembling into a Digitama.

    He does this to extreme levels, taking out any and all Digimon he comes across. And for some reason, he doesn't need a Digimon to do this. Maybe it's because he's enhanced himself with Digimon Data, or maybe he has found some plot mechanic that he can abuse. Whatever the reason is irrelevant to the bigger picture at this moment.

    So he and the Digidestined have some confrontations, and eventually, they manage to have a somewhat legitimate conversation with him.

    Taichi asks him "What gives you the right to do this to innocent Digimon?"

    He responds by saying "No Digimon is innocent! Not after what they did!"

    Taichi asks "What did the Digimon do to you to make you hate them so much?"

    The enemy opens his jacket to reveal a strap going around his body (in a way like one that would hold a sword on your back would be) with 5 Model 1 Digivices. He responds with "I was one of the five Digidestined that came before your group Taichi. And you want to know what our Digimon did after we saved the Digital World? They KILLED all of my fellow humans, and nearly killed me too! I would have died too had I not managed to stumble into (insert plot related dimension here, like maybe the Dark World)."

    Now that this truth has been revealed, Taichi and co. have to find a way to convince the former Digidestined to cease his war, despite the fact that his agenda has now been somewhat justified.

    In the "end", it'll be revealed that the real enemy took control of the original Digidestined's Digimon, and that the other four humans are still alive, just scattered into bits of Data, like Taichi's group was when fighting Apocalymon.

    After that, it could go any way really.

    So what are your hopes for Adventure 03?
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    I hope for strong female characters, and well-developed ones at that. Every main character should be well-developed. None of this stereotypical crap we've gotten in recent years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by miru View Post
    I hope for strong female characters, and well-developed ones at that. Every main character should be well-developed. None of this stereotypical crap we've gotten in recent years.
    I totally agree with you!

    It's weird but the first thing that crossed my mind when the new season was announced is that I would love to see Matt and Mimi go deeper into their relationship...

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    I hope whoever is in charge of the new series will stick to the established Adventure/02 canon as much as possible, pairings and epilogue included.
    I hope the 02 kids get the attention and respect they deserve, regardless of the Taichi and Yamato focus.
    I hope they won't pull a goddamn love triangle dynamic because ugh.
    I hope they won't make Vamdemon the bad guy again. They destroyed his goddamned soul, it has to stick this time. (I wasn't even pissed off about Vamdemon being in 02 like a lot of other people, I just fucking hate the guy for my own reasons)
    I hope fanservice will be kept to a minimum.
    I hope Oikawa's butterflies will be around, even if it's just background appearances.

    Most of all, I hope it won't suck.
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    I want the main characters to have some agency in their own stories. I want them to be proactive and generally intelligent when confronting their enemies and their internal problems. I want the characters to actually face some problems and not be one dimensional. I want ALL of the main ensemble cast to get a moment to shine and not have their personal story just be an afterthought.

    Really I just want basic storytelling competence.

    But I will settle for cool fight scenes and Rule of Cool badass moments for the main 8.

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    Hoo boy, this is about to be a whopper...

    (01) I wish for the '05' series (remember, 02 was named such because it was set in 2002; at least to my knowledge) to have 100+ episodes.

    (02) I wish for the writers to give the shipping community the middle finger by pairing Kari with Dagomon, rather than with Davis or TK.

    (03) I wish for '05' to cross over with the previous seasons; mainly for the Ryo/Ken reunion.

    (04) I wish for 02's plotlines to be continued upon; mainly because my Cosmic Horror fondness is getting outta hand.

    (05) I wish for the twelve Digidestined's partners to receive full Evo-lines, and for the 'core group' not to hog the spotlight. Probably not...

    (06) I wish for a mid-season episode to end with everyone demonstrably, disambiguously, found-the-body-and-performed-funerary-rites dead; I am not kidding. I'm sadistic, I'm willing to admit this.

    (07) I wish for the Seven Great Demon Lords to be the core antagonists. Because after all this time, I think it's about time they assembled as a group.

    (08) I wish for the season to reveal a wider multiverse, comprised of pretty much every series ever, plus a few universes showcasing AU takes on the seasons, like a Savers-based reality where Marcus/Thomas essentially swapped place with Kristy/Relena, or a Adventure-based reality where (some or all of) the Digidestined had stayed in the Digi-World.

    (09) One scene, just one, where the whole naming discrepancy between the Four Holy Beasts gets addressed; 'Harmonious Ones/Digimon Sovereign', my pale, ice-cold, color-changing butt.

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    *cynical mode switched on*

    idealistic hopes? I've decided to give up on those long ago in order to prevent disappointment and because of the inherent meaninglessness of overly detailed wish-scenarios because there's no chance it will actually happen exactly that way.
    realistic hopes? umm...

    • at least one big explosion.
    • at least 3 new Digimon.
    • at least one use of the word "poop".

    That's pretty much all I expect with actual certainty. other than that... well i hope they keep it as short and simple as possible in order to not break the adventure canon too much (except anything relating to 02 which can and should be broken and retconned as much as they want since it was broken to begin with). so I'd pretty much watch an entire season of nothing happening than some kind of bombastic spectacle that digs its plotholes deeper.

    ...basically I'm looking forward to hating it.

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    My hopes? I hope I don't dislike it too much. Whether I do will probably depend in part on the attitude of the fandom. I might not have found as much fault with Xros Wars if people here on the forum weren't constantly harping on its shortcomings. I know it's a pretty vain hope, but whatever.

    I hope that the Adventure 02 Chosen have a significant role and that the Dark World / Dagomon are addressed in some way.

    That's pretty much it. I didn't realize it until recently, but there seems to be a deep-seated ache in me for more stories, anime in particular, set in the Adventure universe. As someone who enjoyed 02, I think that this third Adventure series will be great for me.

    Quote Originally Posted by Xadhoom View Post
    (09) One scene, just one, where the whole naming discrepancy between the Four Holy Beasts gets addressed; 'Harmonious Ones/Digimon Sovereign', my pale, ice-cold, color-changing butt.
    Unfortunately you'll have to wait until it's dubbed for that. In the original they've never been called anything but the Four Holy Beasts.
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    Deeper exploration of the setting, and given the prior history, this should be focused on the Seven Great Demon Lords (as a group, there's been enough focus on them showing up one after the other), the Dark Area (and how it relates to Dagomon), and possibly the founding of the Royal Knights (or any sort of background about them besides "do whatever Yggdrasill says except when for some reason they don't" If they can throw the Sistermons, Huckmon, Coronamon, Lunamon, and Spadamon in there, all the better). Less focus on shipping or completely irrelevant 25 years later shenanigans.


    Possible mentions of the interdimensional crossovers, possible influence of the Digital World: Iliad.

    A group consisting of Algomon (but only because it's already been used), Wendigomon, Dagomon, Pharaohmon, ZeedMillenniummon, poss. Gulfmon or a new Digimon, poss. KingEtemon or a new Digimon (prob. new, lol), and something like the D-Reaper/Apocalymon/Quartzmon. Maybe summoned by the SGDL. I'm done with vague allusions, I want explicit Lovecraft/Chambers as a major arc.

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    Can they retcon Dagomon from being a Perfect to an Ultimate? That'd be the best for a Mythos story.

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