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Thread: What are your favorite digimon gimmicks?

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    Armor digivolution

    Biomerge digivolution

    Digi modification

    In that order.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dianne Renard View Post
    Thanks for the input people! It is kinda weird how some of the most popular gimmicks were completely ignored after certain point in their respective settings. Things like armor being dropped once they could naturally evolve to adult instead of giving them new uses such as an hypotetical double armor mode, jogress being ridiculously underused despite the potential it had (And judging from how it was handled in V-tamer, it could've been much more awesome) card slash being dropped halfway between adult and perfect evolution despite their potential, etc.

    As an added topic to this same thread, now I shall ask to the fans of dropped gimmicks, how would you have handled them so they remain useful through the whole season they were in instead of being dropped? And if you feel more creative, say how would you implement it if you were at charge of your own digimon show where you can do and change anything about said gimmick free of limitations. This also goes to those who feels like their favorite gimmick could've been handled better as I know even the best of gimmicks can be made even better with a creative mind.

    For armor digivolution, I'd have found some way to include the idea of having the kids be able to swap armors for versatility.
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    I've been thinking about that for a while, and I much prefer the idea of the kids summoning their Digimentals before they can use them. The D-Terminals can be used to transfer them long distance if necessary. Another idea I was thinking about was coming up with a mechanic to allow multiple Digimon to use the same Digimental, and I had an idea about creating a special function for the Crest of Kindness allowing it to facilitate that, but that goes into headcanon/fanfiction territory.

    I've never played Next Order, but it does something with Jogress that I like, allowing you to create Jogress Digimon at less cost over time (instead of sinking two Digimon into a Jogress, you can evolve one Digimon to its Jogress stage and merely have the other degenerate a level -- even later, you can have a Digimon obtain its Jogress form after simply having recruited the other partner).
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