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Thread: Choose Your Partner/Favorite Evolution Lines

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    I have a soft spot for Virus-type Digimon, so I would love a partner from one of those lines. My preferred choice would be:

    Pupumon > Puroromon > Funbeemon > Waspmon > Cannonbeemon > TigerVespamon

    My fascination with this line in kind of strange. In real life, I'm very much afraid of bees and other bugs that sting, and yet this doesn't bother me much. Also, partner with naturally-occurring X-Antibody is a sweet bonus.
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    My favorite one is the Ryudamon line. Hence my name on here. The Ryudamon line needs more screen time. Everyone talk about Dorumon and FanBeemon, but nobody in this country either know who Ryudamon is, or what he is.
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    I made this line for Biyomon a while ago for a RP and ive kinda stuck with it as my favourite evolution line.

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    I really like Lunamon and its evolutionary line, so I'm going with it.

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    my favourite digimon is agumon and his black and x variations

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    BlitzGreymon's original evolution line.

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