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Thread: Podigious 501: “Agumon & Knuckles” (Data Squad DATS Intro Pt. 1)

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    Happy August 1st! To get ourselves in the Odaiba Day spirit, we have a special episode featuring summer FoxKids commercials and advice on traveling to Japan. We hope you enjoy!

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    Jeff and Ashley take a brief look at the new PVs for Tri Chapter 5.

    What aspects of Chapter 5 are you most excited about? What are you hoping for? What are you dreading? How are you dealing with waiting for the next 1.5 months? Let us know!

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    All aboard the ~Trailmon (Ball)~ as we get swept up into another non-canonical (probably???) Digimon OVA / movie / film / animation content product. In this episode, we sigh about gender, dive into the movie's central conflict, and look at how the movie's lore interacts with the rest of Frontier lore.

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    After several months and being stuck in a forest, the final Trailmon is leaving the station. It's time for our special season-wide Frontier retrospective review! We dive into season 4 podcast stats, announce the winners of the Frontier Fantasy Draft, and discuss the results of the Frontier Listener Favorites Polls as we gab about our favorite kids, ships, allies, enemies, Lucemon forms, Trailmon, arcs, and episodes. We also pick the best dialogue from the season in the Omega Dialogue Draft, update our Digimon season rankings, and introduce The Newlysib Game!

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    It's time for our in-depth discussion of Tri Chapter 5, "Coexistence"! We dive into this movie's highs and lows and how they reflect our evolving feelings towards Tri as a whole, plus we dig into the central themes of sacrifice and being chosen and read a bunch of listener reactions to the film.

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    Does Digimon Adventure Tri work for people new to Digimon? No, of course not. But *how* well does it not work? It's time for Digi-Noobs, Tri Chapter 2 edition.

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    Leomon dies, Dorumon is the eight digidestined, and everything is needlessly complicated and obtuse— it's X-Evolution time!

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    If a group of Digimon could grow stronger and survive his mass-extinction program, theoretically, after enough cycles, the percentage of population immunity could become too large and too powerful for Yggdrasil to control. That's probably why he decided to delete all of them.
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    Roll out the welcome DATS, because it's time to gather the data squad!

    In this pre-season episode, we reflect on our histories with Data Squad and Savers, do some LSD, discuss our favorite aspects of the season, lay out our expectations, get Ashley's hot take first impressions on the cast, and announce some tweaks to the podcast for season 5.

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    It's raining DATS and dogs! Marcus punches things, Yoshino and Thomas try to do things but get upstaged by Marcus, and then Marcus and Thomas resolve their differences by mercilessly hunting and exterminating a harmless Digimon.

    In this episode, we discuss our first impressions of the cast and debut the new Game Show Gattai segment, Jeff discusses the (promising and troubling) Digimon-Human societal dynamics of this season, Ashley is disappointed about Yoshino, and we put Marcus on trial.

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