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Thread: What are your Digimon headcanons?

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    What are your Digimon headcanons?

    No, not that kind.

    A headcanon is a fan theory you have that you have about Digimon that you personally consider true, even if it isn't canon. Here are some of mine:

    • Cody's voice in the English dub of 02 is due to a botched tonsil surgery he had when he was young.
    • Many decades after the Adventure 02 finale, Veemon and Wormmon permanently digivolved into Imperialdramon Paladin Mode and founded the Royal Knights.
    • Milleniummon is the mastermind behind every single anime series, spreading dark spores throughout space and time to sow chaos. In Adventure, he released Apocalymon from his prison. In Adventure 02, he was the cause of Ken becoming the Digimon Emperor. In Tamers, one of his dark spores infected the D-Reaper, allowing it to grow far beyond its original scope, and causing it to see humanity as unworthy of existing. In Frontier, one of his dark spores infected Lucemon, leading to his fall from grace. In Data Squad, one of his dark spores infected Kurata, causing his fear of digimon to evolve into a desire to conquer the universe. In Xros Wars/Fusion, one of the Dark Spores infected Bagramon, leading to his rebellion against God.
    • Daemon's true goal in Adventure 02 was to use the Dark Spore to create a copy of Milleniummon's digicore, which he would use to recreate the universe in his image.

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    Mervamon never existed.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zennistrad View Post

    No, not that kind.

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    Natchan from Natsu e no Tobira is a deltamon.

    Somewhere there are drafts for a series revolving around the Accels.

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    Gallantmon joined the royal knights because they promised that after a few eons of serves and they will give him a way to return to Takato. He changed greatly becoming a noble and just knight as he went on to become the close friend of Omnimon. But as he became so powerful he saw the darkness of the multiverse. He has seen a race of parasites consume the milky way galaxy. A race of emotionless aliens use humans as a generator of entropy in a vain effort to delay the inevitable. He has seen entire races killed in mass genocides. It lead to him to doubt if the innocent where able to be saved. At the end his time amongst the knights was up and he returned to his earth only to find his tamer at his death bed. Despite Takato's time nearing the end he comforted his knights doubts. He told his old friend that yes the multiverse is dark but it was so because those with power gave up and let despair and tragedy over take them. He asked Gallantmon if he would be like others before him or will he break the cycle and make a deference, And thus he made his choice. To him it was the only possible option and became a hero.
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    Kazemon became Dianamon of the Olympus 12.

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    I come from the net
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    The weird energy field in Tamers' ep 7 was some smaller form of the D-Reaper. I think so because of it's effort to delete Guilmon & it's weakness to the Yuggoth Program.

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    I come from the net
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    My headcanons:

    Imperialdramon Paladin Mode gathered all certain ones who will become the "Royal Knight", "Royal Knight" organization whose he created to entrust to Yggdrasil. He tried to offer the best services to Yggdrasil to get it to believe him everything "Royal Knights" absolutely obey at anything but he have a hidden motive within this plan. He wishes to discover the deepest secrets which Yggdrasil and the digital world (includes the human world) holds the answers. However he died before he could reach the "Truth" but Alphamon caught of it somehow and realized what was Imperialdramon Paladin Mode aimed for when Yggdrasil accepted the "Royal Knights" to became offical bodyguards. The problem thing is, Paladin Mode and Alphamon never told a single thing to other Royal Knights. But they kept going to fulfill their duties faithfully but strict. It eventually created doubts among the Royal Knights to question their master, Yggdrasil due to its goal involved with the digital world. Yggdrasil kept the data of Alphamon due to how powerful he was and some day Yggdrasil will use him to succeed its future goals.
    Royal Knight group kept fighting to save the digital world as the times passes, one by one perished. Yggdrasil decided to create a new digital life, DORUmon hoping to get it to obey at absolute while installing the data of Alphamon among its Evolution codey. But it escaped from Yggdrasil's grasp to start a new life and never seen again. Alphamon's resurrection whose said to arrive once again was actually just a lie to lift the spirits of Royal Knights even other digimon species. It's possible Yggdrasil is the responsible for this.

    Chaosmon could be the other experiment subject due to its target of a Banchou whose is assumed to be on par with Great Archangels and Royal Knights
    the mysterious organization aimed that for raw power or unknown goals. Hoping it to pursuit that banchou by forcing him to Jogress instead of "Jogress of Bonding". It resulted in two Digicores are refusing to each others in violent respondence therefore its existence is unstable and its lifespan glitched out probably given a short time. Sleipmon and Valdurmon could be unfortunate victims who happened to be there involved in that incident of Chaosmon to drag forcefully to jogress with other Digicores unwillingly to jogress which it results UltimateChaosmon. The mysterious organization knows the secret of Jogress evolution codes to abuse in the name of power.

    GranDracmon holds the most knowledge, even the secrets Yggdrasil held in that time and his role is similar to the Fabled from Yugioh for causing chaos riots in the digital world to amuse himself but in backrow, chilling.

    The digital world is viewed as the experimental project and all digital lifeforms could never have a "peace" at a moment...

    Some digimon profiles mentioned how they were born from the certain natural environments like volcano where Gokuwmon was born there.
    It could be that system of the digital world responded to this where the internet of Human worlds uploaded certain information often times creating new digital species and their data registered within Yggdrasil's and the digital world's "datalog" or whatever that is, and eventually the new data were transferred to certain existing ones to given new evo lines.

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    Omnimon in x-evolution is the same omnimon from Adventure. Adventure and tamers take place in the same universe.

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    Some ideas I've incorporated or will incorporate into my fan fiction. Chapter 97 of The Call collects several of these, most of which were solutions I came up with for various mysteries in the Adventure universe. Notably, that Gennai and his allies were well aware of the Digimon Kaiser's identity, but didn't let the Chosen Children know because there was nothing to be gained by a confrontation in the human world. A defeat in the Digital World was a possible way of driving the Dark Seed into remission. Another idea was that Wallace received his Digivice and partners before the other Chosen Children as a test subject, to make sure that the new technology worked before the eight in Japan were summoned to face Apocalymon and its minions.
    Published books: Odd Lodgings, The Silent Garden & Darker Places, Collecting in Darkness & Other Stories
    Digimon Fan Fiction: The Call
    Card Games: Digimon Tactics and Shadow Stories [both in-progress]
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    I already posted one in the SoraxTachi thread. :X

    Tamers: Battle of Adventurers was intended to be an Adventure crossover and Apocalymon transformed into Mephistomon>Gulfmon and Omegamon is Taichi and Yomato's.

    After Xros Wars all the characters from every continuity had adventures together , and that's what you see on all the merchandise artwork like the CD covers with characters from every season. Also add Reigitize Decode in this somewhere since all the Goggleheads appear in that. In the Xros Wars Manga everything is dimension/time travel shenanigans too.

    I like to imagine that Tamers, Serial Experiments Lain and Big O are in the same universe.

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